Winter weather in Tibet


Winter in Tibet lasts from November to March; temperatures average between -3 and 15 degree centigrade in Lhasa, but can dip as low as -10 at higher elevations. There are regional variations in climate, with the temperatures generally colder in northern and western Tibet. There is relatively little snow or rain and the sun still shines brightly. In winter, there are considerably fewer tourists, means crowds are smaller at major tourist sites. Winter also is when large numbers of nomads stay in Lhasa, offering a glimpse into their fascinating culture.

Below is the maximum/minimum winter temperature table for five biggest Tibetan towns and cities (average temperatures in ℃).

Month Lhasa Shigatse Shannan (Tsedang) Nyingchi Chamdo
November 16/-7 14/-10 16/-6 19/-5 15/-7
December 15/-9 12/-12 15/-9 16/-6 16/-8
January 18/-10 17/-12 18/-9 19/-6 16/-8
February 15/-9 12/-14 16/-8 16/-5 15/-9
March 20/-1 19/-3 21/-1 22/1 22/-1

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