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⇀ Lhasa
Lhasa ⇀ Shigatse ⇀ Mount Everest ⇀ Saga ⇀ Mount Kailash Kora ⇀ Manasarovar Lake ⇀ Shigatse ⇀ Lhasa
15 days
Group, maximum of 12 person(s)
This adventure group tour bring you to visit 2 important Tibetan mountains. Hike at Everest Base Camp, plus a full Kora trek at holy Mt. Kailash. Plus visit Holy Lake Manasarovar, makes for an unforgettable experience for your Tibet trip.
⇀ Urumqi
Urumqi ⇀ Kanas Lake Trekking ⇀ Hemu ⇀ Baihaiba ⇀ Urumqi
10 days
∙ Private ∙
Natural scenery
Explore the natural beauty of Kanas Lake with your own eyes. This Xinjiang trekking tour starts with a visit to Hemu Village, to fully explore the ethnic cultures of this peaceful village. Endless scenery awaits as you hike to Kanas Lake.
⇀ Kunming
Kunming ⇀ Jianshui ⇀ Yuanyang ⇀ Kunming
7 days
∙ Private ∙
Enjoy this Yunnan sightseeing tour, which balances a visit in Jianshui ancient town to learn about the local cultures and a photography trip in Yuanyang. Make sure your camera is ready to catch the breathtaking scenery of the rice terraces.
From ¥ 5,500
¥ 5,000
⇀ Kathmandu
Kathmandu ⇀ Gyirong Border ⇀ Saga ⇀ Manasarovar Lake ⇀ Mount Kailash Kora ⇀ Saga ⇀ Gyirong Border ⇀ Kathmandu
11 days
∙ Private ∙
Your Tibet adventure begins Kathmandu in Nepal but quickly heads to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar where you can see the reflections in the holy water. Spend several days to fell the pilgrim atmosphere as you trek around Kailash.
From ¥ 10,584
¥ 9,800
⇀ Zhangye
Dunhuang ⇀ Jiayuguan ⇀ Zhangye
5 days
∙ Private ∙
Beautiful artwork, rich culture & incredible natural beauty surrounds you on the Silk Road! Admire the Buddhism art treasure at Mogao caves, explore breathtaking dunes with camel riding and enjoy the natural wonder of Zhangye Danxia Landform!
⇀ Xining
Xining ⇀ Qinghai Lake ⇀ Machen ⇀ Mount Amnye Machen Trekking ⇀ Trika ⇀ Xining
15 days
∙ Private ∙
Trekking & Biking
This Qinghai adventure offers an opportunity to trek along the majestic scenery of holy Amnye Machen. Mixed with spectacular Qinghai Lake. 15 Days of endless natural landscapes await to be discovered by you! Lets Get Going.
⇀ Kashgar
Kashgar ⇀ Tashkorgan ⇀ Kashgar
8 days
∙ Private ∙
Trekking & Biking
This Kashgar trekking tour balances a hiking to Mount Muztagh Ata and exploration of the Uyghur culture in Kashgar city. Gain an awe-inspiring experience when you see the pure blue Karakul Lake and hike through its' vast grasslands.
⇀ Hong Kong
Beijing ⇀ Xi'an ⇀ Lhasa ⇀ Gyantse ⇀ Shigatse ⇀ Chengdu ⇀ Mount Emei ⇀ Chongqing ⇀ Yangtze Cruise ⇀ Mount Huashan ⇀ Shanghai ⇀ Hangzhou ⇀ Guilin ⇀ Hong Kong
26 days
∙ Private ∙
1st Time travel to China
For those who crave an in-depth knowledge, this China tour package helps you develop a deep understanding of China. From Beijing's heritage to the grand scenery of Tibet and to the spectacular views as you cruise the Yangtze River's gorges.
From ¥ 30,140
¥ 27,400

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