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It is not hard to travel to China. . 

So please do not get cold feet, our team is always happy to help you explore China in your own way!

Who We Are?

WindhorseTour is a experienced local travel agency based in China. Our main office is located at the downtown of Chengdu, and you're always welcome to visit. Our office has warm atmosphere, cold beer, free WiFi with facebook access (which is not easy to make it in China), and two lovely dogs (they don't bite). Besides of that, there are something else about us you may want to know:

  • Our business philosophy is:
  1. To visualize ourselves in our clients' shoes.
  2. To be fair to our clients.
  3. To have clear and open communication. 
  • Local operator - WindhorseTour is an inbound-travel branch office of Chengdu Friendship International Travel Service (License No. L-SC-A-00089).
  • Specializing in operating tours to China including such areas as Beijing, Chengdu, Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, we can go on!
  • Catering to English speakers worldwide.
  • Main office in Chengdu, with one office in Lhasa, and many partners all around of China.

Why Choose WindhorseTour?

  • We offer personal, friendly services based on our superior knowledge and passion for the places you would like to visit. 
  • No hidden costs or local payments.
  • We listen first to our clients and make suggestions second. We never try to sell anything we feel is not the right for you.
  • Our clients are highly satisfied with our consistent work and give us excellent ratings. Check out their testimonials and interesting photos on facebook from their trip with us. 
  • We provide contingency plans in case of a problem or emergency during your travel. Your Travel Advisor will be always reachable (24/7). 
  • We believe our clients should be well informed. We are committed to offering you a high standard of information about your trip through your Travel Advisor and our website. 

Keep Reading more about why choose WindhorseTour.

What We Offer? 

  • Full selection of popular tour routes developed from continuous clients feedback and years of professional experience. 
  • Custom tours of China based on our customers' personal interests and requests. 
  • Fixed departure small group tours to Tibet.
  • Budget to deluxe Yangtze Cruise tickets.
  • Besides regular sightseeing and cultural tours, we offer specialized holidays including trekking, volunteer work with giant pandas and other cultural activities such as farm experiences.
  • Car rentals in China.
  • Booking domestic hotels, flights and train tickets.

Expert Knowledge

  • Started specializing in tours to Tibet.
  • Over more than seven years and business has grown year after year.
  • Our tours service areas have expanded to all of West China, as well as major attractions throughout China.
  • We have first-hand knowledge of West China. We are local and have visited and inspected all areas to make sure they're suitable for the tours we take visitors on.
  • Our guides are local experts who have thorough knowledge of local cultures, religions and people. Thus we can guarantee you will have a unique experience. 

Want to read more  . . . . What is a "Windhorse"?  

Wind Horse, which is called Lung Ta in Tibetan, is the name of a particular kind of prayer flag, which are always seen on mountain tops, high passes, bridges, by the river side, on the family houses and monasteries in Tibet. Lung Ta is important to all Tibetans. The purpose of Lung Ta is to entreat the Wind Horse to intercede on our behalf, by petitioning Buddhist deities and protectors, to give us good fortune and to remove obstacles from our way. We pray for the well-being of all creatures and give thanks for our life by Lung Ta, and still hope you will be well and have a safe journey with us.

Please don't hesitate to check the above services with us by email or phone call, we will be very happy to be at your service!


Yannick's picture

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

We are presently looking for an agency to organise a 4 persons travel to Tibet.

We are living in Beijing and would like to know if you have an agency in Beijing we could physically communicate with.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


Yannick's picture

It will be nice to actually post some photos of your main office, and people working there, faces, it will make your page more personal. I would love to see Murphy's face, who worked with me to organize our tour, Like faceboo, put some faces on about us page.

Harley Greenberg's picture

Hi Saho-Nian!

You are absolutely right, we need to add a few photos. Check back soon I will try to post a few now. 


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