Lhasa and around


Lhasa is the capital city, focal point and spiritual heart of Tibet. There is enough to see in and around the city. It normally takes about 2 to 3 days to explore. Highlights in Lhasa include the World Heritage Sites of the Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and Pilgrimage circuit Barkhor. Two largest Gelupa Monasteries Drepung and Sera lie on the edge of the city.
The 1-2 day trip from Lhasa to the northern Nam-tso, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, will shock you with its stunning view, and you will have a chance to visit Tsurphu Monastery, have natural Yangbachen hot-spring enroute. Or another couple of days, visit atmospheric Drigung Til Monastery and Tidrum Nunnery ( Have medicinal hot-spring), both at the east side of Lhasa. You can visit them by going to Ganden Monastery first, which is still another fantastic Gelupa Monastery.
Closer to Lhasa, there is a town called Tsedang, is the cradle of Tibetan Civilization. The mild weather and fertile land at Yarlung Tsangpo Valleys created the great Tibet dynasty. Nowadays we can still find Tibet's first monastery - Samye Monastery, Tibet's first building - Yumbulagang Palace, some old monasteries such as Trandruk and Mindroling and the Tombs of the Tibetan kings-Chongye Burial Mounds. Or trek to and around the holy lake Lhamo La-tso. It always takes about 2-3 days to explore Tsedang area.

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