Lhasa Winter Activity Tours


Many may think that winter time in Tibet is like living inside of a freezer, huddles indoors around a wood burning stove drinking butter tea; however to Tibetan nomads, it is their holiday from summer time farming and Yak herding. Known as the 'Third pole of the Earth' Tibet in the winter offers a cultural and geological experience like no other place; from the mystifying Himalayan scenery to the thousands of Buddhist Pilgrims traveling to monasteries across the plateau. These special months vary greatly from summer time as they offer tranquil clear blue sunny skies found only in the winter but a unique chance to meet locals to learn about their culture and religion. For the finically minded there is no better value then Tibet in the winter with the added bonus of a pollution free atmosphere and warmth of the nomads smiling face, reminding us of their pure life with the modern charm or their ancestors past.