Tibet travel tips


Tibet Travel Documents

To visit Tibet, you are not only required to have a valid passport (at least valid for six months) and Chinese visa. If you want to travel to Tibet, it is important to get the special permit to enter Tibet, and some other permits, such as Alien Travel permit(PSB permit), Military Permit, Foreign affairs Permit to visit some unopened and military areas in Tibet. To enter Tibet from Nepal side, please don't apply for any individual Chinese visa in your country, since all the tourists enter Tibet from Nepal have to get a group Chinese visa at China Embassy in Kathmandu.

Tibet Travel Tips

To have a smooth and memorable trip to Tibet, we highly suggest you learn some travel to Tibet tips for that area before the trip begins. Here in this section, we have listed out some Tibet travel information such as a festival, train and flight schedule, high altitude sickness, local etiquettes and taboos, packing list, concerns of the photography, etc.

Tibet Car Rental

Renting a vehicle with a driver has become the most popular way to get around in Tibet. To travel in and around Lhasa, and further to Gyantse, Shigatse, Tsedang, Nyingchi and Namtso lake, the condition of the road is good enough to just need to rent a minivan, minibus, tourists, cheaper option and safe trip! But overland trip to E.B.C, further to Kathmandu in Nepal or travel to Mt.Kailash, or do an overland trip from Chengdu, Zhongdian to Lhasa, we suggest you choose Landcruiser, which is much safer and more comfortable, at the moment there are different kinds of Landcruiser (jeeps) available in Tibet travel, the best and most popular one is the Toyota 4500.


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