About Tibet

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Tibet, known as the Roof of the World, has become a dream destination for pilgrims, rugular tourists, adventurers and climbers from all over the world. Visitors are guaranteed to enjoy the enthralling year-round snow, aerial mountains, mysterious religions, exotic customs and spectacular inhabitants of Tibet.

Tibet Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism, also known as Lamaism, has a history of more than 1,400 years since it was first introduced into Tibet. It is based on Tantra and Yogacara, and belongs to the Mahayana school. Throughout its development it has absorbed and intertwined features of Indian Buddhism, Tibetan Bon religion and Chinese culture, thus appearing to be far more mystical than other forms of Buddhism. Mantras, Mudras, Yantras (sacred art) and secret initiation rituals, etc. all add to its striking characteristics.

Tibetan Local Customs

Tibet is famous not only for the natural, beautiful landscapes, the mysterious region, the brilliant ancient monasteries, but also its own unique customs and practices. To have a smooth trip in Tibet, it is very important to learn some local customs, please check this section to get some ideas of their cutsoms.

Tibetan Arts & Culture

Tibet has the richness and the depth of its traditions that is deep rooted in its cultural heritage. The wisdom, the knowledge about life, compassion, tolerance and peace of mind, all contribute in making the culture of Tibet. With the stunning performances, the unique painting and craft work arts, poetry and medicine, ect. it entices all who come to visit.