Getting in and out of Chengdu by bus


Traveling by bus is an inexpensive way to see southwest China's many atttractions and offers the added benefit of more time to enjoy Sichuan's many beautiful landscapes. Chengdu, the capital and transportation hub of southwest China, is easy to reach by air and has a number of different bus options.  

Chengdu has several main coach stations, including:

  • Wuguiqiao Bus Station: reaching cities like Yibin, Chongqing, Nanning, Guilin.
  • Xinnanmen Bus Station: providing bus services to scenic spots like Mt.Emei, Hailuogou Glacier and Moxi Town.
  • Chadianzi Bus Station: serving the north and west of Sichuan province, from here you can get to such places of interest as the Wolong Panda Reserve, Tibetan Danba County, Mt. Siguniang, and Mt. Qingcheng.
  • Beimen Bus Station: connecting to historical cities like Langzhong, Bazhong, Cangxi and Yilong in southern Sichuan. 
  • Jinsha Bus Station: mainly serving western Sichuan and bringing tourists to famous attractions like Jiezi's Old Town, the Huaiyuan Old Town, and Daying Dead Sea Resort.

Each of these bus stations, located in different sections of the city, make it more convenient for tourists to travel to popular places of interest such as Jiuzhaigou Valley and Leshan Giant Buddha, as well as the many listed above.

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