Wolong panda donation-picture project


DP-A: 80USD/p.p. for 2 pictures with panda age of 1.5 years around; 

DP-B: 160USD/p.p. for you to play 5minutes and take picture with panda aged of  6 months-12 months. 
If want to do donation-picture project, please tell us the DP code (A or B), and we will add its cost to our total quotation to you so that we can arrange it in advance for you.
Donation-picture project, before picture with pandas in arms, you must under the guidance of local expert: wash your hand, be sure your are healthy, enter enclosure, once your finished above donation-picture project, you can get a Donation Certificate.

Note: all our existed (in our webpage) quotation does not included this donation

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