China Travel Agency - Top Reasons Why Clients Continuously Choose to Travel with WindhorseTour


We know there is a risk involved when buying a private tour online. However, we guarantee that on this page we will address all your fears and demonstrate to you why we are the best China travel agency to provide customized tours to China.  

Clients continuously emphasize these 3 main features when selecting a travel agency. 

  1. Worry-Free: The China travel agency takes care of everything during their trip.

  2. Fun: The trip is really amazing and remarkable.

  3. Value: Great value for their money.

These 3 features are also the main principles that guide us when we customize private tours to China for our clients. 

Staff at WindhorseTour
The Staff at WindhorseTour

Why Choose WindhorseTour?

WindhorseTour is a local China travel agency which has been specialized in tailor-making China private tours to people from all over the world for over 10 years.

Here are several reasons why many clients put their faith in us, as their China tour provider:

  • We offer flexibly customized tours
  • We are a local China travel agency.
  • We are available to help our clients 24 hours per day.
  • We offer socially responsible tourism.

Tours Are Designed for You with Us.

We specialize in providing customized tours, as we understand every traveler's needs are different. All the itineraries can be changed based on your needs even at the last minute of your trip. We are here to offer you assistance and suggestions by using our expert knowledge, but never to decide where you should go and what you should see.

90% Of the tours we offer are private tours, as we have learned that most clients prefer to travel independently or just with their friends. We guarantee that all the clients who choose our tours will see China in their own private vehicles with dedicated guides and drivers. This allows for spontaneous side-trips so you don’t have to wait for others in the group.

"Your China Awaits" is our motto, and it is also the main thing that we passionate about. We respect our clients' requirements and encourage them to explore China in the way that is best fit to their interests and needs.

We always make our trips as flexible as possible, so that our customers are free to explore and discover China.

Why Are We Professional and Reliable?

All the tours and travel information we provide to you come from our first-hand experience and knowledge of the local situation. We never copy them from guidebooks or other websites.

We are a local China travel agency with offices in Chengdu and Lhasa. We started to operate customized tours to Sichuan and Tibet over 10 years ago. All Sichuan and Tibet tours are handled by our professional Travel Advisors and guides. 

For the tours to places outside Sichuan and Tibet, we have many long-term cooperation with partners all over China. We don't auction our tours to the agency with the lowest price. Your Travel Adviser will be with you to ensure all your expectations are met during the trip.

Why You Should Choose A Local China Travel Agency

  1. By choosing a local travel agency, you are supporting the local economy.

  2. A local travel agency knows the place well. All the travel information comes from their first-hand experience.

  3. A local Chinese travel agency is more likely to arrange local guides and drivers for you.

All the guides and Travel Advisers at WindhorseTour are qualified with insightful knowledge. Most of them have majored in English, Tourism Management, International Trading and have extensively traveled throughout China. Especially Western China such as Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai, Guizhou, Xinjiang and more.

China Province Map
Map of Chinese Provinces

In addition to our excellent local staff, we employ full-time Western staff to help train our Travel Advisers, guides, and drivers on how to best support our international travelers while promoting their local cultures.

We also earnestly practice the act of being responsible to our staff by paying a base salary plus performance bonus to our staff and community service team members to maintain an incomparable service standard.

We are a China travel agency that seeks every chance to improve ourselves. We gather feedback from each of our previous clients and review them carefully. Even for those who did not choose us, we also ask them politely the reasons. All the things we do are to ensure that we continuously improve.

We love to get questions because we know we can give the right answers. We are here to help you learn about China.

Listen to What Our Clients Say:

All the staff at WindhorseTour are well trained with a sense of responsibility. We keep our promise by not canceling any tours, adding any extra fees or changing any itinerary without including you in the process.

All the clients who book our tours will automatically receive our Money Back Guarantee.

Once we get our clients' tour inquiry, we target to respond within 24 hours. Your response maybe briefly delay as we need to ensure you and other clients continue to receive the highest level of service. We always reply to the clients we are working with no matter if they will book our tour.  

We are easy to be touched by the several ways posted on our website. These include web inquiry forms, phone call, MSN, and e-mails.

Contact us now? Yes, I am - Not quite yet.

When traveling with WindhorseTour, there will be a person travel adviser which is available 24/7 for you. He/She will assist you and help you arrange everything including booking the tickets, hotels, and guides based on your requirements. We do not arrange food in most of our small private tours. We have found that clients are much happier selecting their own eating options. Of course, our guides are more than happy to make suggestions.

Our Service and Guarantee

We offer tours throughout all over China. Popular destinations include Tibet, Sichuan, Guilin, Yunnan, Beijing, and Xi'an. All of them can be tailor-made based on our clients' interests and needs. Don’t know where to start?  No problem. You can also check the more than 200 China private tours designed by our travel advisers.

Tibet Tours: These tours take you to the marvelous Tibet,  the roof of the world. Explore the unique Highlights include the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Namtso Lake, Mount Everest and the holy Mount Kailash.

China Tours: Suitable for those who crave an in-depth knowledge of China. Cover all the popular destinations throughout China. The tours selected here are based on our experience and former customers' recommendations and provide an ideal guide for your vacation. 

Sichuan Tours: We have recommended the most popular tours in Sichuan, includes the visit to the world heritage sites of Jiuzhaigou National Park, Leshan Grand Buddha, and Mt. Emei. Sichuan is also the home to giant pandas. We are the first China travel agency who provide panda volunteers for foreign travelers.

China City Tours: Ranging from 1 to 10 days, most of the itineraries are a focus on 1 or 2 cities. Suitable for the independent travelers who want to extend their trip to some special cities or those who have already been in China. Highlight cities in this series include Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin&Yangshuo and more.

Yangtze Cruise to Wu Gorge

Yangtze River CruiseWe sell tickets of the cruises along the Yangtze River, the longest River in China. As you enjoy the shipboard comfort of the Yangtze cruise, you will savor the majestic beauty of the world-renowned Three Gorges and see at first-hand the amazing Dam Project.

These China private tours have also been classified based on different themes, including Family Focus, Trekking, Photography and more. You can choose one that is the best fit for your interests.

Being as a local China travel agency, we always provide local guides and drivers with many years of experience, even in Tibet. They have deeply ingrained knowledge of the local culture, tradition, religion, and history that is part of their daily life. Using local service is a popular way to encourage the local economic development. In addition to this reason, we also value our rich culture and indigenous tradition by signifying them as the core values of preservation.

Clients in Panda Base
Our Clients in Chengdu Panda Base

Our goal is to help clients explore the real China by participating themselves first hand in the daily life of the locals, but not just being an observer. Beyond the itinerary made by our clients, our travel advisors will use their expert knowledge to contribute more highlights and cultural activities for clients to learn more about China.

Our business philosophy is: 

  1. To visualize ourselves in our clients' shoes.
  2. To be fair to our clients.
  3. To have clear and open communication.

We offer several different choices for the transportation and accommodation based on clients' budget, and we always choose the best one within their class and service. Before choosing hotels for you, we will send our staff to check the lodging condition.

We never sell shopping tours to our clients. We guarantee that all our tours are purely authentic experiences and we seriously object to any act of forced shopping by arranging agreement with shops and factories. Our guides all have the code of ethics which they are required to sign to prevent from receiving kickback when guiding for you. 

Great Value for your money. If you are looking for a cheap tour in China, we are not for you. If you want a remarkable experience in a customized China private tour, we always come out on top. The service we offer will value your every dollar.

We have built a strong network with the trustable travel-related providers such as hotels, transportation companies, scenic spots, restaurants, agencies, cruise companies etc so that we can offer you the most competitive prices and best value available. 

We guarantee there is no hidden cost in our clients' trip. If there are any extra fees, we will inform our clients in advance before signing a contract.

It is a long page to read. However, this is really who we are and what we provide to our clients. We appreciate that you can spend so much time reading this page and learning about us. We guarantee if you choose to travel with us, there will be more surprises waiting for you to explore.

Please join us and become a member of the WindhorseTour Family. Having a truly authentic China experience as thousands of friends have. Your China Awaits!

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Peter's picture

Dear Harley and Helen:
I was hoping you could help us out, or give us some direction as to moving our family around when they come to visit us at the end of May.
We will have a group of 5 adults visiting us. They will be flying in on Thursday, May 29th arriving at 20:10 staying several days, then we wanted to drive to Jiuzhaigou. My hope is you could give us an estimate on having a driver and van large enough for 7 adults and 7-10 carry on bags. Our rough itinerary is as follows:
Thursday, May 29 arrive in Chengdu at 20:10 CZ324
Friday, May 30, depart at 8:00 to Le Shan to See Giant Budda, and Emei Mountain
Saturday, May 31, depart at 8:00 to Panda Research Base, 14:00 to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System for remainder of the day
Sunday, June 1, Day to Rest
Monday, June 2, 8:00 travel to Jiuzhaigou, stopping at several ancient cities, arriving at Hotel around 18:00
Tuesday, June 3, Visit the Park all day
Wednesday, June 4, Visit another park, travel to Guangyuan Airport so party of 5 fly to Beijing. (CA 1458 (18:00/20:05)
Driver, Peter and Vickie return to Chengdu. If distance is to far for one day, we will stay in a hotel and return to Chengdu the following morning, Thursday.
I am not certain if we need a guide, but do need a driver with a large (12 passenger van).
I am hopeful you can give me an estimate, or the number of several drivers I could contact for prices.
Thanks again for your help on this.

Harley Greenberg's picture

Hi Peter,

Wonderful to hear form you. Helen and I both emailed you last week with some tips on how to save some cost and improve on your travel route. I am not certain you got our email based on your comment above, so I am going to send again.

Please let us know if still not seeing it.

Kind Regards,

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