Wenshu Monastery


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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 12:16 -- Easter

Living in Chengdu City for a short time and having always heard of the Wenshu Monastery, I finally had an opportunity to visit this historic site. It is said that Wenshu Monastery is a famous Buddhist temple and belongs to the ten top attractive destinations in Chengdu. It is autumn now with a cool weather and beautiful sunshine, which make my trip more delightful.

Wenshu Monastery is located near the city center so I had decided to take a the new Chengdu Metro to the Wenshu Monastery Stop. Oddly enough this station is still a short walk from the Temples main gate, so when you visit go north on Remin Zhong Lu.  The entrance fee is only 5 Yuan and upon entering the main gate, I am presented with all kinds of statues, which are of typical Buddhism style. There are many people kneeling in front of these Buddhist statutes, burning incense and making prayer.

What I enjoyed most is the architectural buildings which are all kept as its glory in ancient times. It is said that it is the first building built in Tang Dynasty and has been renovated many times. Now it seems to be the evidence of the historical vicissitude and standing in front of all the ancient buildings, I suddenly find myself so tiny. Maybe history is just like a mirror, which can reflect the truth of our modern society. From now and then, some monks will walk around me and some of them are making speeches about Buddhism to all the guests. Suddenly I realize that's why this monastery is live full of vigor and can present a young and attractive scene.

When walking deeper into the complex, a quiet green forest come into my sight with many high trees covering the sky. Passing along the small stone roads,  I am presented with many other temples hiding within the trees. There are fewer people and I can see occasionally one or two monks doing exercise in the woods. At that time a feeling of tranquility rise in my heart and all the worries fade away. Perhaps this is where the charm of Buddhism lies.

One thing I didn't expect is that there is even a Buddhism library hiding in the forest! Unlike any modern library, it is a grand tower of ancient Chinese architectural style. There are many books and inscription about Buddhism in the library which remain from the ancient time. Many exquisitely caved murals and inscription can also be found on the ceiling, wall and pillars, which leave this library a unique religious atmosphere for this building. I even can't believe that I had stayed in the library for about one hour.

Coming out of the library, I find other place such as Lives Releasing Pool, Ancient instrument house and calligraphy house, which all together leave this monastery a artistic atmosphere. Imagine what a fun it is when you are walking leisurely in the unpolluted forests and watching a master making his calligraphy with beautiful ancient music played around you. There is also a place for us to drink tea, which is called Gaiwan tea and is the most typical feature of Chengdu people. Since then I start to understand the sole of this city as it bubbled in tea and leisurely life of Chengdu people.

I come out of the Monastery from the back door and it seems that it is the end of my journey. However, I am presented winding ancient streets with many antique buildings standing on both sides of the alley. There are many precious objects and local products sold in each shop. Wandering in the streets and all the buildings give me a dreamy feeling that I flied back to the ancient time. After selecting some precious goods, I know it is the time to go back home. I have to say the trip to Wenshu Monastery is really a precious experience. 

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