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4 Days
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When time is limited and you have to see Tibet then here you go! The best of TIbet's capital Lhasa see culture and religion, with visits to the landmark of Tibet. See the Potala Palace, walk along Barkhor Street and enjoy daily golden sunshines.
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Eric Mellor's picture

Hi, I have been advised that a Tibet permit only given if tour booked? I wish to travel with one other person (total 2 pax) to Tibet in May / June 2017 to Lhasa... I'm from the UK, my partner is from Canada, we live in Singapore and would wish to travel to and from Chengdu. We can obtain our own Chinese Visas and flights / hotels in Chengdu. what we need is a travel permit for Tibet and flights to / from Lhasa... also, do we need to book hotels in Lhasa via a tour compay or can we book them independently? What about walking tours in Lahasa and airport transfers? I would be grateful for any information you can provide... Thanks!

Yuki Yi's picture

Hello Eric,
Thanks for your comments!
Yes, overseas travelers must apply Tibet Permit to enter Tibet, our agency will help you to organize all of your Tibet permits.
For hotel in Lhasa, there is no restriction for where to reserve, our agency can assist you to book one, you can easily book them online as well. Based on current travel policy, overseas travelers are required to have guide accompanied when visit any attraction in Tibet.
I have sent you the tour proposal with quotation details via email, please go through the details and kindly let me know for any further questions on it.
Look forward to your reply soon.
Kind regards,

Eric Mellor's picture

Would it be possible to get the 4-day standard tour in Tibet for $225 with from 7 people with a December,2015, preferably Deceber 25-30, 2015 travel dates?


Eric Mellor's picture

Hi there,
we (2 people) are from Vietnam & have just got China visa. We plan to visit Tibet by train from Xining & to Xian about 4 days. As known that you offer a 4-day standard tour in Tibet for $225 with from 7 people. We plan to visit Tibet in November 2015 so can you arrange for us the departure day with very reasonable price (from 08 - 12/11/2015 is the best time for us)? Is the tour included the permit to Tibet + hotel + food + transportation + admission fees to visit all places...? How about the tip for tour guide per day. How can we book & pay deposit? Can we stay 1 more day for relax without tour guide before take a long train to Xian? Pls inform us all excluded fee 'cause we travel 6 countries & have to be clear everything to control our budget.
Best wishes,
Nhi Phan

Lycoris Yang's picture

Hello Nhi,
Thanks for contacting us! Yes, we can certainly arrange this tour as you required. I have just sent you an email with all the details as you need, please check it. Looking forward to hearing from your thoughts soon!

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Hi, we are planning to travel from Malaysia to Chengdu and by airplane to Lhasa. departure from Lhasa by TRAIN to chengdu.
stay 2 night in Lhasa. 4star hotel.include all meal (vegetarian) english speaking tour guide. and other necessary documents. and kindly let us know which is the best suitable time from april 2013 onward for best travel time in your holy city Lhasa. please enclose me your quotation.


regards. from shirley

Eric Mellor's picture

please provide a quote from Chengdu to Lhasa:
4 people March 28 late pm (18:00 or 19:00) depart, March 31 afternoon return (3 nights, 3 days) in 3 star hotel - 2 twin rooms. Include name of hotel.

Murphy Feng's picture

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your comments. I'm sorry to tell you that Tibet will be traditionally closed on every March. Tibet Tourism Bureau will stop issuing permit from end of February to end of March. It's suggested to start this tour after the first week of April.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any further question on it!

Kind Regards,


Helen Wang's picture

Hi Elmar,

Thanks for your inquiry, before I send you the quotation. Can you tell me when you plan to start this trip?

Looking forward to hear from you back soon.


Eric Mellor's picture

I would like to travel with 4 other persons
from Chengdu to Lhasa by airplane
from Lhasa to Chengdu by train
stay for 2 nights and 2 days in Lhasa
sleeping in a 3star hotel
Is that possible to book completely (including visa, tickets, guide, hotel)?
How much would it cost?
Thanks a lot for the information
With friendly regards
Elmar Titz

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