Ye qu gou


Ye Qu Gou

What makes Ye Qu Gou stand out from the rest of the scenic spots is that it takes the name Ye Qu (野趣), which means "fun in the wildness" as its theme, balancing natures beauty, fun and visitor's involvement.

It is located in the central section of Travel Avenue in Dagui Mountain, Heyuan City (河源市), in Guangdong Province. It is only 10 km. from the suburban area and covers a total area of 5 hectares. 

Ye Qu Gou boasts countless numbers of green trees, grotesque rocks and crystal clear lakes. Once you are there, the marvelous scenery will definitely take your breath away. It provides a great opportunity for you to relax and get close to nature while exploring its secrets. As a matter of fact, Ye Qu travel is a good case in point when it comes to ecological travel.

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Ye Qu Gou makes various kinds of interesting activities accessible to tourists while retaining its own unique features. Therefore, this spot is a concrete example of and deepens the theme of ecological travel.

Ye Qu Gou white water
Ye Qu Gou is divided into 4 functional sections including the reception, lake, walking and relaxation areas. You can come to the Lake Area to watch those adorable wild ducks swimming in or just quietly appreciate the stunning scenery around.

There is a uniquely twisted path called Huliao (狐狸坳) in Walking Area. It is lined by 300 m. long patches of China fir and will give a wonderful experience lingering there. In the Relaxation Area, you'll see wild pigs running about, green trees and waterfalls.

Additionally, you may take part in a variety of activities like picnicking, hunting, fishing and most exciting bungee in the rain or speed skating. You can also have a chance to taste the delicious rice cooked in bamboo tubes.

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