Baiyun Mountain


Located in the northeast of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, Baiyun mountain is one of the famous mountains in the southern China, bearing an area of 20.98 sq.m (0.05 ac.)and a height of 382 meters (1,253 ft.).

It is well-known as the first one of The Eight sights in Guangzhou (扬州八景)” and has been given the title of “the most beautiful mountain in Guangzhou”. It has recently been ratified as the a national grade- AAAAA scenic area and the only national scenic area in Guangzhou in 2011.

Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Statue
Baiyun mountain has been well-known since the War States periods and many celebrities visited the mountain. Several scenes of Baiyun Mountain became “The Eight sights of Guangzhou” since Song Dynasty.

It is famous for its natural beauty, scenic spots, cultural heritage, eco-tourism, which attracted many people from China or overseas.

Except the natural beauty, another important attraction in the Baiyun Mountain that will surely draw your attention is the Sculptures Garden, where there are peculiar architectural sculptures of modern and ancient Chinese style.

It is a peculiar garden with the good balance between garden and sculpture, art and architecture. Landscape in this garden is incomparably beautiful, with green forest, beautiful lake and grasslands surrounding. Whenever you come here, it is like  spring and the garden will present  with you evergreen sight.    

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Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Pond

Whether you are interested in birds or not, one must see place in Baiyun Mountain is the Mingchungu Tourist Area. Covering an area of 56,000 sq.m, the Mingchungu Tourist Area is the largest natural bird cage in China. 

There are more than 150 kinds of species and some rare birds, such as Red-crowned cranes (丹顶鹤 ), swans (天鹅 ) in the garden. If you come here, you can not only watch many precious birds, their performance but also learn more knowledge about all kinds of birds, which will sure add fun and meaning to your tour.

If you come to Guangzhou city, Baiyun Mountain is surely your first stop among many other attractions. You can hiking on the mountain, boat on the Lu lake.

Spend a whole day in Baiyun Mountain, you can savor the great combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Entrance fee is 5 RMB, and the transportation is very convenient, you can take buses and cars to get there.


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