Citic ming sike aircraft carrier world


CITIC Aircraft
The CITIC Ming Sike Aircraft Carrier World is situated in Shatou seaside (沙头角海滨), Shenzhen (深圳) city, Guangdong province. It's the first military park taking aircraft carrier as its theme in China and even in the world.

Due to this, the park is honored as the national popular science educational base and the military science educational base of Guangdong province.

The main exhibit of the park is Ming Sike (明思克; Ming Sike in Chinese Pinying) built in a shipyard of Ukraine in the Soviet cold war period. It is the fifth largest aircraft carrier in the world and is considered as the name card of Shenzhen.

This theme park gives you a chance to experience the majestic military harbor and the refreshing contact with the peaceful sea. It's a coordinated combination of sightseeing, popular science education and national defense education.

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CITIC Mother Carrier
Covering an area of over 80,000 sq. m, CITIC Ming Sike Aircraft Carrier World is constituted of three parts: the Front Square, the Black Square, and the Aircraft Carrier Center building.

In Black Square, there are artillery position, tank position and aviation arms base on display. Moreover, the original weapon system, command post, the missile launch system will undoubtedly leave a deep impression on your mind.

The Center building is uniquely designed and has multiple functions like eating, shopping, relaxing and office.

Because of the Park's convenient location, you can easily reach there by metro line two No 85, 364,387. It opens from 9:00 am-18:00 pm. and you have to pay 110 CNY for a visit.

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