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Sichuan's Mt. Emei is a well known attraction for both Chinese tourists and tourists from around the world. Beyond just the mountain's natural beauty, the collection of distinctive Buddhist structures that China is famous for and the splendid Golden Summit, Cloud Sea, and amazing sunsets are all key reasons that Mt. Emei continues to be such a strong draw for travelers to China.

One of the best ways to enjoy Mt. Emei is a hiking excursion, and there are four traveling itineraries that are highly recommended: a one-day visit, two different two-day hikes, and a three-day expedition. Each of these routes enables you to explore and engage the magnificence of Mt. Emei in a different way. You can walk along the paths and take in the scenery, or for something more exciting and high-speed, opt for a cable car.

The best time to visit Mt. Emei is from May to October, though a winter visit is certainly not impossible. Snowfall generally starts around November on the upper slopes, and in the event of ice and snow on the trails during a winter visit, boots with studs are available for rent for better traction on the slippery surfaces.

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You can get up-to-date hiking information for Mt. Emei at the Teddy Bear Hotel near Baoguo Bus Station - they offer free and extremely useful hiking advice on climbing Mt. Emei, as well as English maps of the area. Check with staff about weather conditions on the mountain. The park entrance ticket feel is 120RMB per person, or half price with a student card.

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