Golden Summit


Located in Leshan city in China's beautiful Sichuan province, Mount Emei is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in China, its allure being found in the inspiring natural scenery and the many Buddhist-influenced pagodas and structures along the mountainside. Today, Mt. Emei has become a mecca for devout Buddhists and travelers looking for tranquility and nature's simple beauty, making it a must-see location on any China travel list.

Cloud Sea and Golden Summit's sunrise one Mount Emei---Sichuan Attraction

The numerous Buddhist temples that dot the mountain are truly amazing, but the most spectacular aspect of Mt. Emei must be the Golden Summit, towering 3,077 meters (10,095 feet) above sea level and above all the structures below, which offers a truly unbelievable view. As Mt. Emei's main peak, the Golden Summit is home to amazing collection of natural spectacles: the indescribable sunrise, the so-called "cloud sea," "Buddhist light", and the sacred lamps.

Many tourists visit Mount Emei just for a glimpse of the red glowing sun rising slowly from the sea of clouds, and a few lucky ones will have the chance to encounter the optical phenomenon known locally as "Buddhist light," which only occurs 14 times a year. If you happen to be one of the lucky few present on one of these occasions, you will be circled by the colorful glowing lights supposedly sent out by the golden statue of Puxian, which assists you toward enlightenment and gives a sense of being in heaven.

Taken together, the Golden Summit boasts a dazzling collection of phenomena and views that are sure to make the trip worthwhile. Make sure not to miss it! If you would rather not hike all the way to the Golden Summit, a cable car is availabe daily from 05:30 to 18:00.

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