Two day travel, option a - hiking Mt. Emei


Two Day Travel, Option A (For those desiring a rich and rigorous tour of Mount Emei) 

  • Take a bus from the Baoguo Bus station (报国寺客运中心) in Mt. Emei to Wannian Bus Station (20RMB/person).
  • Purchase an entrance ticket to the park (120RMB/person; half-price with a student ID).
  • Reaching Wannian Temple on foot takes 40 minutes, or 10 minutes by cable car (40RMB/person).
  • After 4 to 5 hour walk will bring you to the Elephant Pool.
  • From the Elephant Pool, another hike of 1.5 to 2 hours will bring you to the Jieyin Palace.
    Monkeys at Mount Emei - Sichuan attraction - China Tour
  • Continue on walking until you reach the Golden Summit, or opt to take the cable car from Jieyin Palace.
  • Lodging is available at the top of the mountain for overnight stay.
  • Rise early to catch the sunrise, one of the mountains main attractions.
  • Take the ecological tourist shuttle to Wanfu Peak (60RMB/person). If the weather is good enough, you can see Mt. Gongga, the highest mountain in Sichuan province. 
  • Descend from Wanfu Peak to Jieying Palace on foot (or take the cable car down, 30RMB/person). There you have 2 choices: 1) Return the same way you came; 2) Return by way of Yuxian Temple, Xianfeng Temple, Hongchunpin, Joking Monkey Area, Yixiantian, Qingying Pavilion, finally ending at Wuxiangang park. (The last bus departs at 6:00p)

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