Meili Snow Mountains


If you want to pay a visit to Shangri-la, one sure stop should be the Meili Snow Mountain, also known as the Prince Snow Mountain, which is the highest snow mountain in Yunnan province. It is famous for its beautiful snow scenic spots, precipitious peaks and varieties of glaciers, which attract many people here for hiking and adventure. This mountain was situated 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northeast of Deqin County and sits on the border of Yunnan Province and Tibet, where the three famous rivers, namely the Jinsha, Mekong (Nu) and Salwen (Lancang) flow.

Meili Snow Mountain

Looked from a far distance, the Meili Snow Mountain presents us with its mysterious and magnificent landscape. There are numerous snow covered ridges and peaks and thirteen of them are towering 6,000 m. (19,685 ft.) high above the sea level. The most splendid view is the main peak called Kawagebo Peak with an altitude of 6,740 m. (22,113 ft.) and it is still a "virgin peak" because no one has ever reached the top. It looks like a pyramid penetrating high into the sky with low-floating clouds surrounded, which looks like mysterious veils of the peak and make you hardly resist the temptation to unveil it. Nowadays the Kawagebo Peak is known as a Tibetan holy mountain and is still a challenge for all mountain explorers from home and abroad.

The Meili Snow Mountain is also featured by numerous peculiar glaciers, the largest and longest of which is the Mingyong Glaciers, being regarded the glacier of lowest latitude in the world. Covering a total area of 13 sq. km, the Mingyong Glaciers rushes from an elevation of 5,500 m. (18,045 ft.) down to the forest zone 2,700 m. (8,858 ft.) above the sea level in rainy seasons. When it comes to the hot season, the glacier begins to melt and thousands of glaciers will collapse to the ground. Then you will hear loud noise like thunder and you can also find the glaciers looks like a huge white snake wriggling its way among the verdant mountains. It is a splendid sight and you will surely be overwhelmed it.

Summit of Meili Snow Mountain

In the south of Kagebo Peak, there is a grand waterfall, named Yubenshenpu (holy collapsing rain), coming down from a 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.) high cliff, which leaves this place a splendid sight.

Standing in front of the waterfall, you will find that pure and clean water splashing from snow cracks. If it is sunny, you will be very lucky to see rainbows hanging above the waterfall. The water is holy in the pilgrims' hearts and it is said that being drenched by the water here will bring you good luck.

The Meili Snow Mountain is a natural treasury for alpine lakes, flourish forests and all kinds of wild animals. The alpine lake is distributed in every part of the mountain with clean and pure water.

Meili Sightseeing

Owing to its high altitude, the mountain can be divided into several climatic zones with varieties of plants, grasslands and rich fungi species that are vertically distributed. The depth of the forest is an exotic world of rare birds and animals and the meadows surrounding the forests are embellished by countless flowers which add more vitality and charm to the mountain. 

Nowadays the Meili Snow Mountain is an important holy land in the local people's eyes and many pilgrims from Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan will come here to worship especially in the winter. Moreover, those who like adventure and exploration also come here and want to conquer this virgin land. If you have the courage, just come here and enjoy the great natural beauty of the wonderland.

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