Four spectacles of Mt. Emei


For tourists who are interested in visiting the many attractions around China, Mount Emei is certainly a "must stop" and a worthwhile addition to any China travel itinerary.

Golden Summit on Mount Emei - Sichuan attractions

This impressive mountain is internationally renowned for housing more than one hundred temples and monasteries. The tranquility of the mountain waters rushing by Emei's Qingyin Pavilion, the precious historical relics in the time-honored Wannian Temple, and the "Beamless Hall" at the magnificent Baoguo Temple are all sure to kindle your imagination.


On top of that, the four awe-inspiring spectacles that can be found at Emei's Golden Summit have been drawing scores of visitors from both China and around the world - the sunrise, the "cloud sea," the Buddha rays, and the saint lamps.

Sichuan attraction - Mount Emei's cloud sea - China travel

It is an exceptional experience to rise early on Mt. Emei's Golden Summit and wait quietly for the sun to creep up over the far horizon, and the to see it dancing over the sea of clouds that stretches as far as the eye can see as the sun rises higher into the sky.  If you are lucky enough, you may have the chance to encounter the mysterious optical phenomenon occassionally seen on Mt. Emei known as the "Buddha rays," which creates a holy glow around objects and is said to bring prosperity and good luck in the following year. At night, if the conditions are right, be amazed by the numerous saint lamps which are lit and illumine tiny pockets of the dark night sky. These lamps are best observed under the following four conditions: calm weather right after the rain, a moonless sky, no cloud layers at the foot of the mountain, and no heavy wind or rain on top of the mountain.

Come and enjoy the splendid milieu on top of Mount Emei from the mountain's four amazing scenic locations, a strong Buddhist atmosphere and stunning natural scenery sure to cement the unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

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