Three day travel - hiking Mt. Emei


Three Day Travel

  • On the morning of Day 1, walk to Baoguo Temple (报国寺) and Fuhu temple (伏虎寺), then purchase a park entrance ticket (120RMB/person; half-price with student ID card
    Temple at Mount Emei - Sichuan attraction - China Travel
  • Walk through Leiyin Temple (雷音寺), Chunyang Palace (纯阳殿), the Shenshui Temple (神水阁), and Qingying Pavilion (清音寺), and all the way to Hongchun Ping (洪椿坪) - if your pace is quick enough, you will be able to make it to Xianfeng Temple (仙峰寺), where you can stay the night. 
  • On Day 2, continue the hiking tour to Jiuling Knoll, the Elephant Pool, and onto the Golden Summit (金顶). Overnight at the top, and in the morning you can enjoy the spectacular sunrise, one of Emei's main draws.
  • On Day 3, descend down to Wannian Temple (万年寺), roughly a 7 hour hike, and then, after visiting Wannian Temple, take a cable car to the bottom, or hike down to Wannian Bus Park before 5:30pm to catch the last bus to Baoguo Bus Station (报国寺客运中心).

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