Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture


With reference to Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, we may first think that it is the source of three rivers: Yellow River, Yangzte River and the Lanchang River. It is located in the Southwest of Qinghai Tibetan Plateau and covers an area of 267,000 sq. km. (103,089 sq. mi.). Because most people living here is Tibetan, it is the second ethnic prefecture in China and is famous for its Tibetan culture, custom, historical sites and natural beauty. Many beautiful reputation such as "the Birthplace of Famous Mountains', "Yak land", "the Hometown Of dancing and singing", and "Chinese Water Tower" make this prefecture stands out.

Nationalities and Religion:

Yushu Landscape
With a population of 283,100 in 2008, Yushu is a place made up of  many nationalities, including Han, Hui, Tu, Mongolian, Salar, Miao and some other ethnic groups. Tibetan makes up of the major group, taking a percentage of 97%. It is regarded as a Autonomous prefecture with the most ethnic groups in China.

Tibetan Buddhism has existed on this land for more than 800 years when Yushu is the one part of the "Silk Road", and most people living here believe it and there are many religious areas for all the people. If you interested in Buddhism, you can come here to see temples, monasteries and learn more about the religion. It is because of Yushu's unique geography, history, natural environment, local people's lifestyle, custom is different from other prefecture.

Geography and Natural Reserves:

Yushu is Situated at the elevation of 4,000 m. (13,123 ft.) on, there are only two seasons in prefecture: the cold season and the warm season, Generally it is very cold all the year round, with an average temperature of -0.8 ℃. If you want to come here, it is recommended that the best traveling time is July and August when the weather is the most delightful.

The Monastery in Yushu
Natural reserves on this land are very abundant, with grazing as its major business. Because the tree rivers and some other small rivers, water resources take up 89% of this prefecture, while there are many original forests and mountains, which covers an area of 390,000 hectare (963,711 ac.). Moreover, Yushu is rich in wild animals and birds such as Wild yak, Tibetan antelope,  frozen chickens, horses chickens and so on, ranking first in China. If you are interested in natural scenic spots and rare animals, you can come here to enjoy yourself.

Major Attractions:

Yushu is famous as a beautiful natural grassland and what make it more attractive is the glorious and unique singing and dancing of ethnic groups. Every July and August, This land is featured by the flourish grass and the glorious artistic festival which attracted many tourists from home and abroad. Other attractions include:

Prince Wencheng Temple
1. Jie Ancient Town: It is where the government of Yushu lies. Because of the long history, it is famous for its cultural heritage. Moreover, there are more than 900 Mountains 5,000 m. (16,404 ft.) above the sea level and many lakes and rivers all over the land. Every year there are horse racing games, which will surely add fun to your tour.

2. Princess Wencheng Temple: It is an ancient temple built 1300 years ago in memory of Princess Wencheng in Tang Dynasty. It is famous for its architectural style and exquisite caving skill of ancient people.

3. Tongtain River: Located between the Mt Dangla and Mt Kunlun, it is famous for its natural wonder and ingenious scenic spots.

Yushu is a mysterious and beautiful land and tourism paradise. Although a horrible earthquake hit this land in April 14th, 2010, most hit areas has already been rebuilt to its original beauty. if you want to travel to Qinghai, this land will surely to one of your tours. 

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