Top things to do along the China Silk Road


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You might hardly hear about the Silk Road. It is an ancient trade route that ran between China and the west during the period of the Roman Empire. The road was built with the aim to improve trade relationship in the region through the vast infrastructure investment and globalization. 

It is one of the tops visited tourist destinations in China. The road consists of the history of many battles that will amaze you.  While preparing your China tour Package, do not forget to consider the China Sand keep it in the list of areas to roam. It will help you to understand how the economy of China takes the new turn that completely changed it. Also, the short creepy story of empire and history of their battles will excite you.  

Visit The Xinjiang Grand Bazaar on the Silk Road

WindhorseTour is the leading travel agency in China. Being a local travel agent, we are familiar with the all the wanted places in China and China Silk Road is one of them. To introduce you to all the major site of China is our responsibility. So while taking our responsibility seriously, we keep into consideration all the major highlights of China. China Silk Road is also in our priority list of China Tour Package. 

The attraction of China Silk Road

1) Rainbow Mountain (Zhang-Ye)

The rainbow mountain of China was built within Zhangye Danxia landform Geological park. It is the most famous mountain known as the painted mountains as it has many colors like rainbow printed over the top of each hill. It was formed with the sandstones and siltstones which were deposited in China before the Himalayan mountain formed. The sand and silt were mixed with iron minerals that give it such appearance. Once you will visit this mountain you will feel like a real painting just printed in front of you. The view would be the most exotic one. It is a must-visited place in China. Thus the place will give you an eye-catching view of many different colors. It looks like a live painting that can be captured by your eyes only. Usually, people cover the miles for visiting this amazing creation of God.

 Rainbow Mountain Tour

2) Jia Yu Guan Pass

You might hear about the great China wall. Jia Yu Guan Pass is the first fortress at the west end of the Great Wall of China, near the city of Jiayuguan in Gansu province. It is spread over 40,100 square yards (33,529 square meters). It is also considered as the vital traffic fort along with silk road. The places are the main passes of the china wall. This pass is made by the fabulous legends, who have done the meticulous planning for the infrastructure of the past. The structure in this pass built during the early Ming Dynasty. Between the passes on the great wall, it was mostly intact surviving ancient military building. While exploring this place, you would also see the beautiful view of Himalaya from here that would be covered with ice. It's just nothing but something that you can forget throughout your life.

Jia Yu Guan Pass Tour

3) Mogao Caves, Dunhuang

The Mogao caves also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes or Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. It consists around 492 temples built under 25 km southeast of the center of Dunhuang. It was built strategically located at the region and the cultural crossroad on Silk Road. The caves consist of multiple Buddhist arts which are 1,000 years old. These caves are known as the best Chinese Buddhist grottoes and Longmen Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes, which are the most famous spiritual site in China. The caves have become the popular tourist destination with the millions of visitors. Along with its all other features, the place has become an important gateway to the West along with the silk road. It is always exciting to go into a cave as you never know what you will discover inside. This place will let you experience this. Under the strict supervision of a travel agent, you can visit the multiple caves built in Dunhuang.

Mogao Caves Dunhuang Tour

4) Camel Riding at Mingsha Mountain

The place is located 15 minutes out of the Dunhuang. It is an attraction of two places at just one price. Along with the camel riding, you will also experience the paragliding here. You would have two choices to make. The place is placed near the Silk Road of China and considered as the best places and the attraction of the Silk Road. The main entrance to this mountain is via a large gate. You need to obtain a ticket for entering into this. The main attraction of this place is a massive majestic sand dune and Crescent Moon Lake. It would be an unforgettable camel ride at Camel Riding at Mingsha Mountain. With the best assistance of guider, you can experience the quality time at Mingsha Mountain. Luckily, our assistance at WindhorseTour is well-familiar with this place. They will explain to you how this place has constructed and built.

Camel Riding at Mingsha Mountain

5) Turpan Oasis City

Turpan is also known as Turfan. It is a prefecture-level city, situated in the east region of Xinjiang. It is situated in around 70,049 square kilometers (27,046 sq mi) and has a population of 632,000 (2015). The place is an important trade center and has been the center of the fertile oasis. It was historically placed along with the silk road. Before many years back, the Jushi Kingdom ruled the area until it was conquered by the Chinese Han dynasty in 107 BC.

The place was subdivided into two kind two kingdoms in 60 BC, between the Han and its enemy the Xiongnu Empire. This place is surrounded by lots of Fortress and each one of them has an interesting history that you would love to know about. You might spend the best time at Turpan Oasis City while visiting lots of Budhhas Temples and monuments. 

Turpan Oasis City Tour in China

6) Kashgar

Kashgar is also known as Kashi and one of the westernmost cities of China. It is located near the border with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. The place has around 500,000. If you have a keen interest in knowing about the history then this place is ideal for it. It has 2,000 years. It is a strategically important city on the Silk Road between China, the Middle East, and Europe.  The place is a convergence point of many cultures and empires. It has been ruling by the Chinese, Turkic, Mongol and Tibetan empires. The place is the center of many battles that occur between many groups of people of the steppes. Thus, you will find the Id Kah Mosque, Afaq Khoja Mausoleum, and others, which are worldwide famous. At WindhorseTour, we have not forgotten to cover all the highlights of this place and makes your tour a special one. 

Kashgar China Tour

7) Xi'an

This place is located in central-northwest China. In this ancient time, the place is considered as the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area. The city is the eastern terminal of the silk road and the site for the famous Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty, It has won the reputation of all over the world. People from many different state visit this place. It consists of more than 3,000 years of history along with the 1,100 years as the capital city of ancient dynasties. Moreover, it consists of the amazing historical heritage. At the archaeological sites in Xi'an is surrounded by the plans, which is famous for the hand-molded figures buried with China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, and others. Since the starting, our aims is to make your China Tour a memorable trip. For that, we make our best efforts to do every possible thing for you. 

Xi'an China Tour

8) Maiji Mountain

This place consists of over 194 caves cut. It has 7,200 Buddhist sculptures and over 1,000 square meters of wall painting. Maijishan is situated close to the east-west route that joint Xi’an with Lanzhou and eventually Dunhuang as well as the route that turns off the south that connects Xi'an with Chengdu in Sichuan and regions as far south as India. This mountain has the printed sculptures which show the tradition and the culture of the china. It was built with the purplish-red sandstone. When you will see all around the place, you could find the finest and pure wives that give a positive behavior and mentality. While keeping in mind the popularity of this place, we have not forgotten to add it to our list of top  places to roam in China at WindhorseTour

Maiji Mountain China Tour


China Silk Road is a vital part of China, it comes under the category of all the famous monuments and places situated in China. Currently, the authority of the entire China Silk Road is on Chinese people. Since it is an old heritage, the history behind is also mesmerizing. Thus, while exploring China, do not forget to cover this ancient road. It will complete your China tour and you will go back to your home with the bunch of exciting history and stories.

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