Northern Sichuan Aba


The Most Beautiful Water Scenery In Aba Prefecture
Aba Prefecture, also known as Ngawa Prefecture in Tibetan, is located in north-western Sichuan Province, at the upper reaches of the Changjiang River and Yellow River. As one of the popular Sichuan attraction, Aba Prefecture is mainly inhabited by the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups. When you take a Sichuan tour, you should not miss the Aba Prefecture which is a great place to get out and commune with wonderful nature. Besides the obvious Han Chinese and Tibetan, you may encounter Hui and Qiang minorities as well. That is, you will have an amazing experience in natural scenery and local customs.

The Breathtaking Scenery In Aba Prefecture
With a long history, the social customs in Aba Prefecture are colorful. Aba Prefecture, not only has a large number of tangible cultural heritage but also in-tangible cultural heritage. The omnipresent Mani piles and the fluttering Buddhist scripture streamers demonstrate the Tibetan people's religious piety. The tall and strong watchtowers and the single cabled sliding bridges across the rapid give evidence to the technical expertise of the Qiang people.

The special local products are verbal medicine, Tibetan knives and Qiang embroidery. The major festivals in Aba Prefecture are Great Prayer Festival, Six-Four Festival, Zachong Festival and Horse Race Festival. When you travel to Aba, you can take a Sichuan tour to enjoy a festival and taste the local snacks such as butter tea, boiled Yak with chili and Tibetan steamed stuffed bun. Then, you will have a good understanding of the unique social customs in Aba Prefecture.

The Charming Grassland In Aba Prefecture
Aba Prefecture has lots of famous Sichuan attractions. It contains 3 of the 6 World Natural Heritage Sites in the whole China, making Aba the premier destination in China for nature-based and ecotourism. Aba Prefecture has great cultural diversity, with a majority Tibetan population, elaborate Tibetan Buddhist temples, picturesque grasslands and beautiful mountain scenery. In addition to Jiuzhaigou National Park, you also can visit Siguniang (Four Girls) Mountain, Huanglong Park, Jiuzhaigou National Park, Wolong Panda Reserve and Dagu Glacier. You should not miss Aba Prefecture when you take a Sichuan tour.

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