Stone Drum Town


Yunnan Stone Drum Tower

When we search the Stone Drum Town in Google, we will find numbers of answers. But here I'd like to give some brief introduction of the Stone Drum Town 28 km. (17 mi.) away from the Lijiang City in Yunnan Province. Because it is located in the joint of Jinsha River and Chongjiang River and Jinsha River come here and change its direction, this town is also called the first bend of Yangtze River, which is the third largest river in the world and is the Mother River of China.

The beauty of the Stone Drum town lies in its natural scenery. The famous Yangtze river, starting from Qinghai Province, come here and meet with Lu River and Lanchang River, which a leaves a grand sight of Three Parallel flowing Rivers. Yangzte River then have changed its direction to the north instead of the south. 

This extraordinary turn, nearly 270-degrees, creates a beautiful and magnificent landscape for the town which will startle your imagination. When it is summer, there are many trees standing on both sides of the river while when winter comes, the old town will take on its special quiet and peaceful atmosphere, just like they are telling people "If winter comes, will spring be far behind?"


The Stone Drum Town is also featured by its unique historical background and cultural relics. It was an important military area and battle field during the Anti Japanese War period. There is a memorial monument on one mountain of the town to remember the Red Army.

There is also a pavilion where a big Stone drum are placed and you will find many inscriptions on it. If you go to the see river, you will find one old drawbridge called Tiehong Bridge hanging over it, which is made of iron and is of high value in architecture. 

The whole Stone Drum Town is a place abundant in attractive stories and dazzling visions and it is a good place to savor the historical events and local custom. The entrance fee is 30 RMB and it is recommended you spend one or two hours here and all the wonderful scenery will surely give you one exciting trip you expect. 

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