Xining City


With reference to Xining City, we always regard it as the political, commercial, cultural center and the capital of Qinghai Province. Located on the eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and covering an area of 7,665 sq. km, it is the largest city on the plateau. Because of its beautiful natural landscape and the pleasant climate, it is also regarded as one of the top ten summer resorts and the top ten beautiful cities in China.  

Xining Kumbum Monastery
The History of Xining City can be dated back to 2100 years ago and it was an important transportation node of "Silk Road" in the ancient time. It is a typical immigration city and a convergence of multiple culture and nationalities including Han, Tu, Hui, Tibetan and so on. The local custom and tradition are greatly influenced by the ethnic people living here, especially the Tibetan. There exists mainly five religions here, including the Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, which leave this land a great religious sites for tourists. Visitors are presented with temples, mosques, and monasteries and if you are interested in religion, just come here and savor the great combination of local custom and unique culture.

Xining is located at the elevation of 2,261 m. (7,418 ft.) and the climate in this city is very agreeable with a temprature of 17 to 19℃ in summer. It is a famous city of summer resorts, if you are want to travel in summer but afraid of the hot weather, then you can come here. Natural reserve is very abundant and there are rich plants, animals, minerals, salt lakes, metal, gold and so on, which make this land a natural wonder for tourism.

Qinghai Lake Sightseeing
Xining is not only a place famous for natural wonders but also for its cultural heritage and historical sites. The most outstanding attractions here includes: Ta'er Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Birds Island, Dongguan Gaint Mosque, Beishan Temple and so on. Qinghai lake is famous as the most beautiful and largest salt lake in China and the Giant Mosque is a place for worshiping which has attracted many tourists from home and abroad. Moreover, the unique "Eight Sights of Xining" makes this city more beautiful and a paradise for traveling.

Traveling is also always having relationship with eating and the local flavor in Xining which will surely make your mouth be watering. There are Niangpi, hand grasping Mutton, Qinghai Gamianpian and other snacks, if you are hungry just sit down in any restaurants and add great fun to your tour. There also many markets, supermarket which make it convenient for shopping. If you interested in the beautiful scenery and cultural heritage here, just come here to enjoy yourself!

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