Lancang River in Yunnan


The Lancang River (also named Meikong River) is the largest river in southeastern Asia with a total length of 4, 909 km. (3,050 mi.). Originated in the Tibetan Plateau, it is flowing through several countries, from Yunnan Province in China through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and then into the sea. It is famous for its beautiful natural wonders, scenic spots and various kinds of ethnic custom along the way, which make it an ideal tourism paradise for adventure and rafting.

Lancang River in Yunnan

The most outstanding and beautiful landscape along the Lancang River is the segment from the Jinghong City to the Olive Basin in Yunnan Province, which gives an epitome of the natural wonders in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Unlike other parts of the river, the water in Yunnan is no long surge forward and roar horribly but turns to be quiet and gentle as a result of placid topography in this region. Moreover, because of the hot and humid climate here, there are verdant forest standing at both sides of the river, which are waiting for all the brave men to explore its mysterious treasure.

The Lancang River is also featured by its Grand Canyon, which is famous for its precipitous canyon, rushing water and scenic spots. The water here is onrushing and rapid with grand momentum. When you go deeper down to the canyon, thunderous and deafening sound will come into your ears because the high waves of the water are striking against the rocks. The precipitous mountains, rapid water and the miraculous landform leaves a grand sight for this canyon and a great place for rafting.

Lancang River in China

The Lancang River is an enchanting river with more than 10 ethnic groups along its path, which can seldom be found in other river. Boating on the river, you are presented with the panorama of the Xishuangbanna landscape, architectural buildings of the ethnic style and the local ethnic custom. From time to time, you will find some graceful Dai girls carrying bamboo baskets and washing cloth besides the river, which together with the blue sky, white clouds will surely make you feel tranquil at heart.

There is one old saying that"You haven't been to Yunnan without going to Xishuangbanna and you haven't been to Xishuangbanna without boating on the Lancang". The Lancang River is just a fantastic place for leisure and adventures. If you are traveling in Xishuangbanna, here is definitely one destination of your tour.

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