Green Lake Park


Green Lake Park in Kunming

Located in the north of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, the Green Lake Park is the most beautiful park in the city center. It is famous for its unique scenic spots and natural beauty, being regarded as the Emerald in the Downtown. Tourists can always feel a cultural atmosphere because it is faced with Yunnan University. There are also many birds every winter which add great charming for this lake park.

There two long beaches in the lake which divide the lake into five scenic areas. Weeping willows are plant on both sides of the long beaches and the lake are covered by lotus, leaving the whole area a good place for sightseeing. The five scenic areas are made up of Mid_ lake Island, Shuiyue Pavilion in the southeast, Bamboo Island in the northeast, Hulu Island in the south and Haixin Pavilion in the west. If you come here, you can step on any of these pavilions to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the leisure of life.

What need to note is that every winter millions of black-headed gulls will settle on the lake, playing happily on the water. Because Kunming is a Spring City and people here love birds very much, the black-headed gulls are well protected and in close relationship with people. Wondering in the Green Lake Park, watching the gulls and feeding them become tourists' great fun.

The Green Lake park is a great place for sight seeing and for leisure. There are also an amusement park for children and you can also rent a boat to enjoy the beautiful sight of lake. We recommend you spend one to two hours staying here and you can surely relax yourself and add great fun to your tour.

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