Qinghai Lake


Qinghai Lake

Have you ever heard of the largest and most beautiful salt lake in China? If the answer is no, you can take a trip to Qinghai Lake and this is your answer.

Situated in the Northeast of Qinghai Province and with an area of 4,456 sq.km (988 ac.), it is twice as large as the famous Tai Lake.

It is beautiful lake not only for its scenic spots, beautiful islands and but also for its abundant natural reserves, beautiful mountains surrounding it.

Located in the northeast of 4,500-meter-high (14,764 ft.) Tibetan plateau, Qinghai Lake looks like a green mirror between vast grassland and snow mountains.

Scenery of the lake varies greatly by seasons. In the summer, when the grassland and the mountains are covered with green coats, the lake will turn its color to green reflecting the green grass and the flowers in the lake.

Qinghai Lake - snow montain

There are also numerous flocks and herds together with picturesque farmlands at the lake leaving this lake a wonderland for tourism. 

When it comes to winter, all the grass and trees will turn to withered and yellow and the lake begins to freeze.

At that time, the frozen lake looks like a big mirror Gleaming and shining in the sun. One thing need to note is when you come here in winter, you can drill on the frozen lake and you will find many fish come to the surface actively.

Catching and cooking these fish will add great fun to you tour.The Qinghai Lake is also featured by its peculiar islands, such as birds island, sand island, stone island and so on. 

If you are interested in birds, the birds island is surely your good choice of traveling. With a number of more than 16,500, the birds island is a unique birds breeding area of Asia and the first birds protecting area in China.

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The government has set up special department to study and protect these birds. If you come here, you can savor the great sight of all kinds of birds. 

Qinghai Lake is an attractive and mysterious resort which will surely draw your attention. Every year there will be a road cycling race around the lake in July and August.

Qinghai Lake - Bird Island

If you want to travel here, it is recommended that the best traveling time is from June to August when the scenery is the most beautiful.

There also numerous people living besides the lake and you can stay in the local people's houses and enjoy the local delicious foods.

We recommend that spend a whole day here and you can savor the great fun brought by natural beauty and contacting with local people.

Entrance fee: 100 RMB (17 USD)/person (Free for children under 1.2 m. - 3.9 ft.)

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