The Mount Muztagata, towering at an elevation of 7,546 m. (24,757 ft.), is located in the Akto county of Kashgar city, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is regarded as the second largest mountain at the edge of Tibetan Plateau.

Also called as the "Father of Glaciers", the mountain is famous for its natural beauty, snow mountain, glaciers, attracting many tourists here for hiking, skiing, and exploration.

Mount Muztagata
Looking from a far distance, the Mount Muztagata are covered with pure white snow, just like an old man with white hair on his head.

There are mainly four ridges on the mountain: the south ridge, the west ridge, the northeast ridge and the northwest ridge.

The north and the northeast ridge is steep, however, the west ridge is gentle which attracted many skiers and hikers here from home and abroad. The Mount Muztagata is regarded as the the highest mountain to ski in the world.

Another important attraction of Mount Muztagata is that there are many mountain glaciers besides the main peak. There are in total 128 modern glaciers covering an area of 377.21 sq. km. (93,211 ac.), the largest of which takes an area of 86.5 sq. km. (213,75 ac.). All the glacier here is valley glaciers that is rare in the world.

There is a legend about the the Mount Muztagata. It is said that once there lived a ice princess on the mountain who feel in love with the snow prince on another mountain called Mt Chogori, which is the second largest mountain in the world.

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But their love is objected by the Haven, and was separated by him. The Glacier princess miss the prince very much, she cried everyday and finally her tears became glaciers covering the mountain. Nowadays, the lofty and solemn mountain is still a symbol of pure love.

Kashgar Mount Muztagata

The Mount Muztagata is also considered as the three largest peak on the Pamir Plateau together with Kongur Peak and Kongur Jiubie peak. 

If you are interested in hiking, skiing, photographing , the Mount Muztagata is your good choice.

It is recommended that you come here at June, July and August. It is also people' s great fun and desire spending a whole day here to enjoy the natural beauty of three peaks and Pamir plateau.

Notice that the lodging here is not good, it is recommended to take two hours' bus to the city and find a house. It is very cheap.

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