Kunming Jiuxiang Scenic Region


Kunming Jiuxiang

Kunming Jiuxiang Scenic Spot is a national comprehensive scenic area famous for its karst caves, natural beauty, cultural heritage and local custom. There are hundreds of Karst caves here, being regarded as the largest caves group in China.

Located in the Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Nationality Autonomous Town in the east of Kunming City, Yunan Province, it is only 30 km. (19 mi.) away from the famous Stone Forest.

It is known that Kunming is a Spring City with ever temperate temperature, so this attraction is also known as an ideal summer resort which attracts many people from home and abroad.

Jiuxiang has existed for a time, dating back to 600 millions years ago. If you come into it, you can see numerous karst caves of different shapes, being regarded as the Museum of Karst Caves.

There are fossils of ancient sea animals of prehistoric periods, Biological wonders of reefs and some other geological wonders. You can also find some blind fish without eyes which is rare even in the world.

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The most outstanding attractions in Jiuxiang include the Yincui Gorge. Yincui Gorge is in the north of the Jiuxiang and it is a beautiful river with splendid sight.

Kunming Jiuxiang - Yunnan

There are green trees standing on both sides of the river, reflecting in the water. If you come here,  You can take a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river.

The Yincui Gorge has another name Lover's Gorge because it was a place for lovers standing at two sides to sing love songs and walking to the center to accept each other' s love.

Jinghun Gorge: Jinghun means frightening your soul. Bearing an length of 700 m. (2,297 ft.), it it famous as the grandest underground gorge in China. In the gorge you will find many preciptous sights and make it an ideal place for tourism and adventure.

Wolong Hole: There are two cataracts in the hole and when it is the rain season, the hole looks like a giant yellow dragon, thus getting its name. When it is the arid season, the cataracts looks millions of pearl dropping from the sky, leaving the whole area a natural wonder for tourism.

Kunming Jiuxiang Spot
Other attractions includes: Shentian, Fariry Hole, Lions Hall, Bats Hall and so on. don't mistake for that there are really lions or bats, all the grand sights are left by stalactites of all shapes. 

There is one old saying that on the ground you can see Stone Forest and underground you can see Jiuxiang. If you come here, don't forget to have a taste of the local flavors, such as Yiliang Duck, Guoqiao Rice Noddle and so on.

The entrance fee is only 90 RMB (15 USD). Only you have a look at it in your own eye, can you know a magic wonder of the nature.  

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