Birds Island


Qinghai Bird Island

When we think of birds, we always refer to them as the spirit of the Nature. Maybe you have heard of the Qinghai Lake, the largest and the most beautiful salt lake in China.

The Birds Island is right in northwest and is the most beautiful natural wonder of Qinghai Province.

It is regarded as the kingdom and paradise of all kinds of birds and the most beautiful birds island in China. If you are enchanted by birds, you can come here and you can savor the great wonder of natural world.

Covering an area of 0.8 sq. km., the total Birds Island is surrounded by water and there are more than one hundred thousand migratory birds living here.

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Every year in April, Many birds such as red ducks, cormorants from the eastern and southern China will come here to breed. In August, they will bring their families back to the south. 

Birds Island

If you come here, you will surely be attracted by the vast, bright, quiet, majestic, magical sights of the island. It is also famous for its abundant mineral and fishing resources in the water.

There is a birds viewing tower in the Birds Island and standing on it, you can see thousands of herring gulls in the beach.

Close your eyes, you can hear the beautiful singing of them and when you look up, you will find wild gooses and swans flying freely in the blue sky. 

The birds island, the blue sky together with the clear water leaves this place a natural wonder and a paradise for tourism.With so the enchanting natural beauty and the so many wild fowls, the Birds Island is the national natural reserve for protecting birds.

Birds Island - crane

It is also a wonderland for tourists, if you want to travel to Qinghai, this place is definitely one of you traveling destination.

There are also restaurants, hotels and other entertaining equipment on the island, which enable you to have a great time here. 

It is recommended you stay here for one to two hours and you can enjoy yourself greatly in the natural wonders.    

Entrance fee: 78 RMB (13 USD)

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