Dongguan Mosque


Dongguan Giant Mosque

When you come to Xining City of Qinghai Province, if you are interested in Islam, then the Dongguan Giant Mosque is surely one of your stop.

It is one of the four largest mosques in the western China and best kept ancient architectural building in Xining City.

As the largest Islamic mosque in Qinghai, it is known as religious site for worshiping and famous for the splendid sight, cultural heritage and Islamic architectural style.

Built in 1380 and covering an area of 13,602 sq. m. (140 sq. ft.), the Dongguan Giant Mosque has gone through several renovation and nowadays present us with a new sight. 

You maybe wondering what is special of the giant mosque with 500 years' history? The most outstanding attraction of the mosque is the Main Hall.

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Covering an area of 1102 sq. m, it can accommodate 3,000 people worshiping here. When you enter into the Main Hall, you will find you seem to be in a imperial palace and there is a golden bottle which can't be found in other place.

Dongguan Giant Mosque - Gate

It is also featured by its unique architectural style, exquisitely carved pillars which leaving a grand sight and artistic atmosphere for the mosque.

In front of the Main Hall of the Dongguan Giant Mosque, there is a large square, covering an area of 28,000 sq. m.(301 sq. ft.). If you are on the square, you will find that it is paved with all kinds of slab stones of different styles and shapes.

Besides the square, it is the front gate made by granite and there are two delicate building besides the front gate. Looking from a far distance, you can will surely be inspired by the ancient and splendid sight of the mosque.The Dongguan Giant Mosque has always been an important place for the gathering and worshiping of Muslim.

Dongguan Giant Mosque - A sea of people

Every year especially when it is festival of Muslim, millions of people will come here to worship. Moreover, the mosque is an important institution for learning Islam Knowledge and  a new paradise for tourists.

Sounds interesting? Then you can come here and have a good look at in your own eye. Then entrance fee is 25 RMB (4 USD).

We recommend you stay here for 2 to 3 hours and you can enjoy yourself in the religious site.

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