Tibet Permit & Tibet visa travel updates

Friday the March 10th 2017 - Tibet Permit Updates:

Good News! Based on the information we get from Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) office Today that travel agencies can submit the Tibet permit application for the groups starting at early of April. Please feel free to contact WindhorseTour for any inquiry to Tibet, our staff will be more than happy to help you on the travel planning. You are welcome to leave your questions below or contact our us directly. Click here for our Tibet tours!

Tuesday the March 16th 2016 - Tibet Permit Update:

Effective yesterday the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) has resumed accepting applications for over seas travelers wishing to travel to Tibet. 

WindhorseTour was first in line to start helping our clients who are starting travel to Tibet before April 10, 2016. Start your travelers to Tibet today.

Please leave your questions below or contact our us directly.

Tuesday the January 07th 2014 - Tibet Permit Update:

The Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) announced that no permits will be issued for any trips starting after January 25, 2014.

While there was not date reported on when Tibet Travel Permit will resume to be issued, WindhoseTour anticipates late March.

Based on previous years both private and group trips to Tibet, permit application should be resumed on or around March 25, 2014. With travel able to resume around April 8, 2014.

We encourage all our clients wishing to travel to Tibet this year, to start their planning now.

More infortiona on 2014 Tibet Permit and Visa Information.

Tuesday the December 24th 2013 - Tibet Permit Update:

Travel to Tibet in winter times is awesome - beat the crowds and save money.

The time it takes to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit remains at 15 days. Plenty of time to plan your trip to see the snow capped peaks including Mount Everest!

Read more about the Top 10 Winter Destinations in China or the process of getting a Tibet Permits.

The Himalayan Region in Tibet

Tuesday the October 17th 2013 - Tibet Permit Update:

Traveling to Tibet is a easy and applying for a permit still requires about 15 working days. Your permit is included with any of Tibet Group Tour. 

Access to Everest Base Camp has been limited as a result of heavy snow caused from Phailin Cyclone a few photos are shown below.

Please leave your questions below or contact our us directly.

Clients Eating Food at Everest Base Camp

Tuesday the September 10th 2013 - Tibet Permit Update:

You can still easily apply for the Tibet Permit. Just confirm your Tibet tour at least 15 days in advance, and we will arrange it for you. 

For the latest information about the permit you can check on this page or contact us. 

Friday the Aug 2nd 2013 - Tibet Permit Update:

There was no changes in the Tibet Permits application process this month. 

You can check the recent updates on this page, or contact us for more details on Tibet Permits.

Monday the July 29th 2013 - Tibet Permit Update:

Last week, Chinese authorities have announced a new exit-and-entry regulation on July 1st, aiming to standardize the issue of visas for foreigners. These new rules will be effective from September 1st of this year.

If you have any questions after reading the news, please feel free to contact us.

Monday the July 2nd 2013 - Tibet Permit Update:

The Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) have resumed accepting new applications for Tibet Permits.

Last week there was a short period of (2) days where the TTB had delayed issuing permits and advised travel agencies to wait on submitting new applications.

Recent Changes in the Permit Application Process:

    1. The TTB office has increased their attention for reviewing each applicants occupation in more detail.
      Please Note: We are not able to help diplomats, journalists or government officials apply for Tibet Permits. This applications are handled directly by the Foreign Affairs Office in Lhasa. 

    Tibet Chengdu Train Tour Clients Photo

    Monday the June 17th 2013 - Tibet Permit Updated

    We advise our clients to apply for their Tibet Permits at least 15 days before their trips start, which is a new requirement of Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB). 

    Since Tibet was reopened in April, we have successfully operated many customized tours throughout Tibet. Check the feedback from our clients.


    Thursday the April 11th 2013 - Tibet Permit Updated

    Everest Base Camp Can Be Visited Now! PSB Permit is required when traveling in EBC. 

    Check our Everest Base Camp Tours in 2013! 

    Thursday the March 28th 2013 - Tibet Permit Updated

    Foreign travelers can once again easily apply for a Tibet Travel Permit!

    On March 25th, the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) released an official notice that Tibet would be reopen on April 1st. This important travel news means the previous restrictions in place for foreigners traveling to Tibet in 2012 have been lifted.

    One of the most important points of the news is there is no group size or nationality limitations for foreign travelers in 2013. Tours can easily be arranged for only person throughout the Tibet Autonomous Region.

    Time to start planning your Tibet Tours in 2013!



    arish maharjan
    arish maharjan
    Thu, 03/30/2017

    i would like to know the information for this trip.and i have been planning for the trip to tibet.So can you give me the information,cost for it and all.
    thank you.

    Lucy Ding
    Lucy Ding
    Fri, 04/29/2016

    hi , I am Chinese by holding Chinese Passsport , my husband is British and our 6-yr old daughter is Holding British passport as well. We are planning to visit Tibet during Summer Holidays 2016, do we need Tibet permit and how can I get it through you agency and how long will take and how much we need pay you?

    Thank you

    Replied by
    Tagong grassland by July Yuki
    Yuki Yi
    Fri, 04/29/2016

    In reply to by Lucy Ding (not verified)

    Hello Lucy,

    Thanks for your comments! Overseas travelers must apply Tibet Permit to enter Tibet, our agency will help you to organize all of your Tibet permits. I've sent you the detailed information via E-mail, please take a look! Kindly let me know for any further comments & thoughts on it.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Best Regards,

    Fri, 02/20/2015

    I am planning to travel to Tibet and for 1 weeks starting August 10. Can I get information or package for 2 adults?

    Replied by
    Tagong grassland by July Yuki
    Yuki Yi
    Fri, 02/27/2015

    In reply to by yolanda (not verified)

    Hello Yolanda,
    Thanks for your inquiry! August is one of best time to visit Tibet, we can certainly make your trip happen! I have sent you a detailed email based on your requirements, please take a look!
    Best Regards,

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