Important Changes on Getting A China Visa - New Regulation Effective September 2013


Chinese authorities have announced a new exit-and-entry regulation on July 22nd, aiming to standardize the issue of visas for foreigners. These new rules will be effective from September 1st of this year.

The new visa regulation offers for 12 types of categories for foreign travelers to choose. The 6 New and revised visa categories include:

  1. F visa: For travelers who arrive for exchanges and visits.
  2. M visa: For travelers on trade and business missions.
  3. Q visa: For overseas Chinese traveling for family reunions, including Q1 and Q2.
  4. R visa: For foreign workers whose skills are urgently needed by China.
  5. S visa: For foreigners who come for family reunions, including S1 and S2.
  6. L visa: For general visitors.

The other 6 regular visa categories, such as C visa, D visa and Z visa will have no rules changing.

In addition, financial, educational, medical, and telecommunications institutions, when necessary, can verify foreigners' identities with exit-entry management agencies of local public security organs.

The regulation also addresses illegal entry, residence, and employment. Foreigners staying beyond the period permitted by his or her visa or residence certificate will be deemed to be residing illegally.

Other behaviors which will also be considered illegal include remaining in China beyond the visas-fee period and moving beyond any areas to which his or her stay is restricted.

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