Introduction to Chamdo - the pearl of eastern Tibet


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Chamdo - Chamdo's Sacred Lake

Chamdo, also called Qamdo, is the pearl of eastern Tibet, endowed with natural scenery of magnificence and atmosphere of uniqueness by its climate, geography and local Kham men. Travel to Tibet and have a Tangka cultural journey. There is the largest Tibetan Buddhist Monastery - Chanbaling (Qiangbalin) Monastery in Kang region. After visiting the Qiangbalin Monastery, tourists can go to the Gama county, where it is the "Home of Tibet's Tangka" and there tourists can book the Tangkas. For more information about this, please look at WindhorseTour's Eastern Tibet Overland Tour.

Tourists who travel to Tibet to Chamdo can visit the local Tibetan houses. It's a good chance to experience eastern Tibetan cultures. For more information about eastern Tibet tours, please look at WindhorseTour's Eastern Tibet South Route Tour. Kham people are fond of singing songs and dancing in circles. Strong and wild Kham men like dressing in skin coat and braided hair motor biking on the highways. Their spirits are much in common with American cowboys. All Tibetan people are kind and hospitable. They would offer special wines and food, wearing Khata (a traditional ceremonial scarf used in Tibet) for you to show their respect and blessing.

Travel to Tibet - Qiangbalin Monastery

Historical records show that there are 25 holy mountains, many sacred alpine lakes and thundering waterfalls in Kham area, most of which are located in Chamdo, such as Zehol Mountain in Dingqen - the holy place in the mind of Bon religion believers. Tourists can go for picnic beside the sublime lake like Draksum-tso after visiting mysterious monasteries. You can also enjoy the grandness of panorama of the whole area after climbing on the peaks.  Just follow up the wooden ladders to view the most spectacularly sited monastery - Tsedru Monastery. If you travel to Tibet in Chamdo, you can celebrate together with the locals in a major religious activity held in Chanbaling Monastery and join the pilgrims to the Qamba Buddha parade. They are all great fun and are worth taking part. For other related Tibet tours, please visit WindhorseTour's Tibet Ganden to Samye Trekking Tour.

Chamdo enjoys social stability, convenient transport and tourist facilities, served by Bamda Airport and national highways linking Chamdo with other parts of Tibet as well as with Yunnan, Sichuan and Qinghai. The best time to travel is from late March to early May, September to early November, for the other month you may find that the weather could be bad or the road could be blocked for hours or days. Regarded as the "Pearl of Eastern Tibet", Chando attracts visitors from many parts of the world. Chamdo is a must visit place if you want to travel to Tibet. Book a tour with WindhorseTour to uncover its mysteries!

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