Mindroling Monastery


Mindroling, the most significant monastery of Nyingmapa sect. It was founded at the end of 10th century and rebuilt in 1676 by Terdak Lingpa. It lies east of Dranang River in Dranang county. Surrounded in mountains, the monastery is set in very beautiful scenery. Mindroling has a reputation for research in astronomy, astrology, medicine and calligraphy. Most of the high lamas teaching in the seminary at Potala were Mindroling lamas. What's more, many high lamas of Mindroling Monastery were chosen to research and compile Tibetan calendar in Mentsekhang.

Those won it a title of First Lama Institution in Tibet. Marriage is allowed in Mindroling and the throne of its abbot is passed on from father to son or son-in-law.

The murals painted on the walls of Mindroling are very special. Most Buddhist figures look ferocious, savage and ugly. These rough and exaggerated numina show the typical trantric arts.

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