Lamaling Temple


Tibet Lamaling Temple
About 30km west from Bayi, 4km west off the main road, you will arrive at the stunning Lamaling Monastery. The monastery was until recently the seat of the exiled Dudjom Rinpoche, the former head of the Nyingma order. It is now looked after by his son Chuni Rinpoche, along with 8 monks.

The octagonal main temple had been wonderfully restored and rises through four storeys. And is draped in long strands of wooden prayer beads. The grassy courtyard in front is home to a few doleful mountain goats brought here from Tsodzong Monastery at Basum-tso. Above the main prayer hall is a kora with four protector chapels in each corner. The other main building, to the right , is where most religious services are held, on 10th, 15th and 25th day of each lunar month. The hall is dominated by a huge statue of Sakyamuni. Pilgrims circumambulate both this building and the main temple.

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