Qingyin pavilion


Qingyin Pavilion on Mount Emei---Sichuan attraction, China

Qingyin Pavilion (清音阁), which means "Pavilion of Pure Sound," was built in the fourth year of Emperor Xi Zong's rule during the Tang Dynasty, in 877. It was so named because the structure was built o­n a rocky outcropping in the middle of a fast-flowing stream, from which emanate the pure sounds of rapid waters rushing down. The vast green swath of fir trees behind the pavilion only add to the peace and quiet of the ancient edifice.

The pavilion serves as an ideal location for you to appreciate the surrounding valleys and forests in peace and repose. The water splashes in all directions like broken pieces of crystal, pearls, and jade, forming large water drops that fall into the pond below - what an amazing view!

Sitting on the stone bench and listening to the melodious natural sounds of water resounding through the still air is an experience that you can seldom have other places. The splashing currents, isolated beauty of the pagoda, and emerald-colored twin arch bridges that lie partly hidden and partly visible through Mt. Emei's vegetation all come together to bring you to a state of quiet contemplation, melting away the trivialities of the outside world and bringing you to intimate connection with Mother Nature.

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