Chengdu attractions will provide free WiFi for tourists


Chengdu Branch of China Telecom Company official said they are working on a PWLAN project, according to the plan, some of the important attractions in Chengdu will provide free WiFi service, visitors can browse the Internet via cell phone, laptop, or any mobile network terminal. The free WiFi supports information searching, Email system,  Instant Messaging, send microblogging and even online shopping.

This project will be finished in the next few months. It will cover most of major attractions in Chengdu, includes Chengdu Panda Base, Wuhou Temple, Wenshu Monastery etc., and even cover some ancient towns surrouding of Chengdu. 

At present, the free WiFi already opened on the first experimental site - KuanZhai Alley. Kuanzhai Alley is a feature historical and cultural area which is near the downtown, consists of old style streets and courtyard houses with the Sichuan style.

Now the WiFi equipment has been installed at KuanZhai Alley area, every tourist can use their mobile devices to search and link to the public wireless Internet. You can easily handle everything and don't need to worry about missing any important information during your trip.

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