Tibet train tour to Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - 11 days


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11 Days
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This Tibet train tour covers all the most popular destinations in China, Beijing, Xi’an, and Tibet. Including many interesting activities, such as hiking to the Great Wall and ride a bicycle around Xi’an City Wall. Your China await!
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我们是两个中国人 一个意大利人。8月底的时候想去西藏玩8天。想问一下 怎样价格最低 大概多少钱?是否有中文导游?


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我是Windhorse Tour的旅游咨询顾问,很高兴收到您的询价!





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Good day! I would like to ask if you can provide me a quotation for (1) person with the following itineray:

1. Arrival in Beijing, evening of October 31
2. Train travel to Lhasa from Beijing (please include ticket cost)
3. Lhasa-Tibet tour 4-5 days (around vicinity) - include accommodations, tibet travel permist and are needed important permits.
4. Train travel to Xian from Lhasa (please include ticket cost)
5. Xian tour (around 1-2 days) - include accommodations
6. Train travel to Beijing from Xian (please include ticket cost)
7. Beijing tour (around 2-3 days) - include accommodations
9. Departure from Beijing early morning of November 13

I am hoping to hear from you in the next couple of weeks.



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Hello Kent,
Thanks for contacting us!
We can certainly provide a quotation based on your requirements! I have sent you the quotation details via E-mail early today, please have a look and kindly update me for any further questions on it.
Wish you have a good weekend ahead!
Kind Regards,

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Hi, I'm trying to organize a tour for 6 people (2 American, 4 Canadian, all friends) starting in Beijing in early September 2016 (not 2015). We would prefer 3 star hotels, youth hostels OK. I know it's too early for quotes, but could you give us an idea of costs for this tour including train travel starting in Beijing. Minor modifications: (1) We can arrange our own accomodation in Beijing and get to Beijing West Station by ourselves (2) We would prefer (not insist on) arranging our own excursions in Beijing (i.e. 10 day tour preferable) (3) We would prefer to fly out of Lhasa to Guilin, but we can arrange that ourselves. The rest of the itinerary looks fine at present.

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Hi Norm,
Thanks for contacting us! We can surely provide you a quotation for early September of 2016. I have sent you the detailed tour itinerary with price for you review and comment, please go through the details and kindly let me know for any further questions on it!
Have a good day!
Best Regards,

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We are interested in getting a tour quote assuming we are starting the trip on or around 21 May 2015, for 2 people, hotel accommodations either 4 or 5 starts, and most luxurious train accommodations to Lhasa as well.

We’d also like to consider spending a longer time in Tibet. Would it be possible to add onto the end of the trip?

Thank you!

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Hi Rachel,
Thanks for your inquiry! May is one of the best time to visit Tibet! We can certainly arrange the trip for you, I have sent you a detailed tour proposal with quotation for you review and comment. Please kindly let me know for any further question on it! Looking forward to hearing from you again!

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When we will make this trip at the beginning of October, with 2 persons: what are the costs p.p.?
We prefer on both railtravels most luxere sleepingplaces. But the hotels can be basic-normal.

Regards, Elisabeth

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Hi Elisabeth,

Thanks for contacting us. Of course we'd love to help you plan this trip, I just sent you an email with detailed tour plan and quotation for your reference. Please feel free to let me know if you have any further question on it!

Looking forward to hearing from you again!



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Hi Caroline,

Thanks for visiting our website and your interests in our service.

Before I work on the tour quotation, please help me to learn a bit more about your trip by answering questions as below:

1. When do you plan to start this trip?
2. How many people will be in this group?
3. What kind of accommodation do you prefer to have?
4. Do you have any special request for your trip food?
5. We will include the flights cost into the tour price.

I will look forward to hear from you soon.


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Hi, could you tell me the price of the above trip and are flights included please? Many thanks, Caroline.

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4 to 6 people travrling

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Dear Dharmasiri,

Thank you for your inquiry and we very glad to help you with your China Tibet train tour arrangement. I have sent you an email to your mail box, please kindly go through it and share me your comments. With your replies, we can offer you some further assistance.
Wish you a beautiful day!
Best regards,


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