Tibet train tour travel from Temple of Confucius in Nanjing to the Guge ruins


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The Temple of Confucius in Nanjing - China
The Temple of Confucius was built to commemorate the greatest philosopher in Chinese history. Even today, Confucius Institutes all around the world are celebrating his teachings.  

A trip to Nanjing can not be complete without seeing the Temple of Confucius.

After visiting the Temple of Confucius, make sure you never miss the Guge - the Tibet's Long - Lost Kingdom, which is like the Old Summer Palace of Tibet.

It is one of the Tibet train tours from Nanjing. You can take in the sights of the beautiful scenery on the way while you are in the train from Nanjing to Tibet.

The Temple of Confucius is located in southern Nanjing. It is surrounded by the Qinhuai River. Confucius (Kong Fuzi), born in 551 B.C. in the Lu Kingdom and is now regarded as the most important figure in the shaping of the ancient Chinese civilization. His Confucianism has great influence in cultures and countries including China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

Guge was an ancient kingdom in Western Tibet Tibet . The ruins of the former capital of Guge kingdom is not far from Mountain Kailash. Both of the Temple of Confucius and Guge are worth to visit for travelers. You will find many train tours in WindhorseTour such as Shanghai-Tibet tour: China Highlight Cities & Tibet Odyssey.

Nanjing's Temple of Confucius - China
Constructed in the year of 1034 A.D. in the Song Dynasty, the Temple of Confucius (Fu Zi Miao) originally was a place to worship and consecrate Confucius who was the great philosopher and educator of the ancient China.

The Temple of Confucius was destroyed by Japanese in 1937 and constructed by the government with the Ming and Qing styles in 1984.

 Inside the Temple of Confucius is a large statue of Confucius and panels with jade, gold and silver that illustrate the life of Confucius. Besides, tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants and hotels are around the temple.

The traditional local souvenirs such as wood carvings, Yuhua Pebbles and silk fabrics can be found here. Don't go home empty-handed and take some souvenirs to your relatives and friends.

The Tibetan Guge Kingdom's relic
If you join in the Tibet train tours, you will get to Tibet after visiting Nanjing. Please find other famous train tours from WindhorseTour: China Tibet Express Tour

Guge, regarded as a lost kingdom, is now one of famous attractions in Tibet. The ruins of Guge with lots of mysteries, high on the Tibetan plateau, offer archeological treasures comparable with Italy's Pompeii. 

In the ancient time, Guge, controlling the trade in gold, silk and spices between India and China, was a kingdom of fabulous wealth and great religious significance - the cradle of Himalayan Buddhism.

However, this kind of spiritual and commercial hub vanished without a trace in 1630.

If you are interested in the long-lost kingdom in Tibet, please look at WindhorseTour's Yunnan & Tibet Explorer Tour To Kathmandu. The vehicles would be offered for you to the Guge from Lhasa. Plan to join in one of the Tibet train tours and enjoy the sights and sounds of these two fabulous and historic places.

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