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The Mongolian culture is really distinct compared with other ethnic groups in China. Read the interesting and unique Mongolian wedding customs here!

If a Mongolian woman and man want to get married, they need to choose an auspicious day in advance and the man needs to take some valuable things to the girls's house. If the girls family is not content with them, they won't allow the girl to get married with that man.

Mongol wedding

Sounds interesting, right? Indeed that is just the Mongols' unique wedding custom. If you are interested, just travel to China to know the unique Mongolian culture for yourself. For more information about this, please look at WindhorseTour's China Silk Road Adventure Tour.

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Featuring several real scenes to show that how Mongolians hold the unique wedding ceremony are given below:

On the wedding day, the bridegroom along with the groomsman, should go to the bride's home to fetch the bride. Traditionally, he must take some green vegetables with him meaning their love would be evergreen.

In the process, the bridegroom can't talk at all and the entire things should be done by the groomsman until the bride is in his house. Moreover, the bridegroom in the bride' house should be sitting alone in one table and he must be fed by the groomsman instead of eating by himself.

It is somewhat funny and the Mongolians will always use this way as a test of his love to the bride. The ancient Silk Road passes through a large area, including Mongolia and Xinjiang province. Xinjiang is encircled by some of the world's highest mountains and harshest deserts. If you are interested in Xinjiang tours, please look at WindhorseTour's China Silk Road Tour and Tibet Explorer.

Mongol wedding - bride on a horse

Take a look at the bride, you will find that she is combing a beautiful young wife's hair and dressed in new clothes all over, a presentation of the unique Mongolian culture. She will go to the bridegroom's house by a sedan, accompanied by her little brother.

When she enters into the sedan, she must cry loudly all the way until she gets to the bridal chamber as a way to show that she is loath to part with her families. The grass land in Mongolia is perfect for enjoying. For more information about the great places to visit in tours China, please look at WindhorseTour's Yading Nature Reserve, Danba 8 Day Tour.

Before the bride enters into the bridegroom's house, she should burn some holy paper as a way to ask the Heaven to be the witness of her wedding. Then the man will persuade her to stop crying and reveal the red kerchief on the girl's head.

When it comes to the eating time, the bride can only eat in the bridal chamber and be fed by her husband. On that night, all the young boys and girls in the neighborhood will come to bridal chamber and think out many ways to tease the new couple, which makes the whole house full of laughter. If you plan to travel to China, don't forget these fantastic places to visit in China.

Mongol wedding dancing
The next day after the wedding ceremony, the new couple will go back to the girl's former family and worship the Heaven and ancestors.

Meanwhile, the father will give the man a silver bracelet. The third day they will visit their ancestors' graves with some food taken as tributes. When they are back, the new couple will boil some water and wash the feet of their parents, standing for the end of the wedding.

It is a tradition that the bride cannot go back to her parents' house seven days after their wedding and divorces are rarely allowed among Mongols. Travel to China and join this jubilation for yourself!

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