White Pagoda Mountain Park


White Pagoda Mountain Park

White Pagoda Mountain Park is well known far and wide for the white pagoda towering above all the surrounding buildings.

The tower is said to be built in Yuan Dynasty and reconstructed in Ming Dynasty. It is white all over with a green top and a round base.

On south of the white pagoda, there are another three temples with the Bodhisattva palace on the north and some other palaces in east and west.

It is located in north of Lanzhou City Capital of Gansu Province. Standing on the 17 m.(56 ft.) high tower, you can get a panoramic view of the whole Lanzhou City. The iron bridge spanning over the Yellow River not far away together with this tower forms a magnificent and eye-catching scene for Lanzhou city to be proud of.

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White Pagoda is totally made up of bricks with eight sides and seven floors. Each side is carved with Buddhist figures and each floor has a brick carved dragon head with a aeolian bell which rings pleasantly in the wind hanging from it.

White Pagoda - Mountain Park

In 1958, White Pagoda Mountain was expanded and a park was created there namely the White Pagoda Park. Today the total building area of the park reaches 8,000 sq.m.(86,111 sq. ft.) and has become a popular tourist destination for tourists from both China and around the world.

While you are in the park, you'll have the chance to try the famous Lanzhou pulled noodles and other delicious food of local flavor. 

The park opens from 6:00-18:00 and the entrance fee is 3 RMB (0.5 USD) per person.

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