Zhenhai Tower


Zhenhai tower (镇海楼) is a five floors tower located in the Guangzhou city, Guangdong Provinces. Built in the year 1380, during the periord know as the Tang Dynasty on the Yuexiu Mountain (越秀山) as a scenic viewing tower, it was rebuilt into a museum now known as “Guangzhou Museum”. Zhenhai Tower is one of the typical examples of Guanghzhou architecture and regarded as one of "The Eight Sights in Guangzhou” under the protection of the government.   

Zhenhai tower - Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Zhenhai tower boasts a height of 28 meters having 5 eaves which are known for their architectural complexity, along with its red walls and green tiles. It is considered the highest and the grandest architectural building in the area.

If you are interested in architecture, Zhenhai tower is a different stop on any tour you take to Guangzhou. Dating back to the Ming dynasty, many poets have come here, leaving many great works and an artistic atmosphere. Nowadays it is place for collecting and exhibiting the cultural relics and historic data and is well-known for supporting the scientific research program.

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Zhenhai Tower sunset
Visitors are still permitted today to climb to the top of the tower from which you can get a panorama of the Guangzhou city. 

Natural beauty surrounded is incomparable, regarded as “the most beautiful sites of Lingnan area (岭南)”. We recommended a half day there to enjoy the natural beauty and food or shopping is very convenient nearby.

Entrance fee:

Adult: 10 RMB (free for the old over 70, half price for children under the height of 1.2m )

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