Xingjiao Temple


Xingjiao Temple  is one of the eight famed Buddhist pagodas of Fanchuan in ancient Tang Dynasty.

This was where the renowned monk Xuanzang (a traveler and translator of Buddhist culture in Tang Dynasty) passed away and then buried there. 

For your information, he is the protagonist of China's household book Journey to the West. Read on travel tips on it's location, history, what to see,  ticket price, opening time etc.. 

Also known as the Huguoxingjiao Temple, it is located 20 km. (12 mi.) south of Xi'an City in Shaanxi Province. Premier Zhou Enlai once accompanied Indian Premier Nehru to visit this temple and look at reverent Xuanzang's grave tower.

Inside the Xingjiao Temple you will find the Xuanzang grave tower which stands 21 m. (69 ft.) high along with other two relatively lower grave towers of Xuanzang's disciples on its right and left side. It is of a brick structure and measures 5.2 m. (17 ft.) long at the base.

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The temple has five floors. On the first floor sits the statue of Xuanzang and you are only allowed to go in there instead of climbing up to its top for it's grave tower.

Xingjiao Temple was almost burned to the ground during the reign of Emperor Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty. After the foundation of New China, particularly since 1982, the government has been putting efforts to restore and renovate to temple.

At present, Xingjiao temple consists of a propylaeum, bell and drum towers, palaces, a sutra-storing room etc. On the wall surrounding the temple you will find 20 precious scrolls of murals dating back to A.D.1417 in Ming Dynasty.

Final travel tips for you: Xingjiao Temple opens from 08:00-17:00 and the ticket fee is 10 RMB (1.8 USD) per person.

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