3 must visit attractions for your Yunnan vacations


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With the most magical and diverse scenery as well as enticing ethnic flavor, China's southwestern Yunnan province becomes one of the most popular destinations in China. In addition to that, countless trekking opportunities will ensure you excellent Yunnan vacations here.

Meili Snow Mountain

The top 3 attractions for your Yunnan vacations highly recommended are Meili Snow Mountain, Dali Ancient Town and Yuanyang Rice Terrace. 

By visiting these attractions in Yunnan, you can have sightseeing of the natural scenery which can show the magic of nature. In addition, you will be able to know more information about the local culture which is different from other places.

Meili Snow Mountain, also known as Prince Snow Mountain, is the most sacred mountain in the world. The highest peak is Kawagarbo which has an elevation of 6,740 m. (22,113 ft.) above sea level. 

Legend has it that Kawagarbo is the incarnation of a Tibetan God who helped the local people drive the evil spirit away. The Kawagarbo means white snow mountain in the Tibetan language and is named after a patron saint in Tibetan Buddhism. It also is the highest peak in Yunnan Province.

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Meili Snow Mountain - Yunnan

The four seasons in the Meili Snow Mountain are distinctly different but the best season for visiting Meili Snow Mountain is from January to May.

During the time the mountain has snow-capped peaks, dense forests, vast grasslands and beautiful wild flowers.

The rainy summer season makes the trail muddy and difficult while it is a very beautiful place covered with marvelous autumn colors from mid-October to mid-November.

In the later autumn and early winter every year, pilgrims who are from Tibet the Roof of the World, Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu travel hundreds of kilometers to pay homage to the sacred mountain. In the winter, Meili Snow Mountain has heavy snowfalls which may block roads and isolate the region for weeks or months.

Dali Ancient Town
After visiting Meili Snow Mountain, you can have your Yunnan vacations in Dali Ancient Town and Yuanyang Rice Terrace.

Dali Ancient Town, also called Yu Town, is about 13 km. (8 mi.) to the new city of Dali. It was built in Ming Dynasty and named as the one of the first historical and cultural cities.

The Dali Ancient Town is the home of the Bai ethnic minority. The traditional Bai ethnic minority folk houses and marvelous scenery attract a large number of travelers.

Yuanyang Rice Terrace, without any doubt is one of most beautiful and spectacular terraces around China. The beauty of the Yuanyang Rice Terrace can compare favorably with Longji Terraced Field and Jinkeng Rice Terraces in Guilin.

Yuanyang Rice Terrace
All of the photographers and travelers flock here in droves to watch sunrises and sunsets which turn the terraces into pools of gold, red and silver.

The magic scenery can be breathtaking even in poor weather. If you travel to here for your Yunnan vacations you can look at The Grand Yunnan Tour to get more information.

You will be able to see another wonderful scenery here like fog rolling into the terraced valleys leaves hill-top villages the only things visible and the effect can be dramatic, like islands floating in the clouds.

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