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Spring Scenery Longji Terraced Field

When you are traveling to Longsheng, you should not miss the Longji Terraced Field which is a fascinating scenic spot for travelers. The fascinating scenery attracts a large number of travelers every year including backpackers, hikers and photographers. Longsheng County is pride of the fantastic natural scenery with beautiful Longji Terraced Field and ethnic villages with unique buildings, cultures and costumes. All of these are the important elements which make Longsheng to be the most attractive destination and makes you want to travel to Guilin.

With a history of nearly 700 years, Longji Terraced Field were first constructed in Yuan Dynasty and completed in the early Qing Dynasty. It is a part of great Guilin area which is much loved by travelers, both in home and abroad. But how do you travel to Guilin Longji Terraced Field? You can go hiking the terraces, have sightseeing and visit the local traditional Zhuang minority architectures. If you are interested in the Longsheng tour, please look at 6 Day Guilin and Longsheng Hiking Tour for more information.

A Close Shot of Longji Terraced Field
When you travel to Guilin Longji Terraced Field, you will find that Longji Terraced Field is also called Dragon Backbones by the local people. Longji Terraced Field got its name because the terraces here resemble a dragon's scales while the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon. When you go hiking the terraces, the sunrise on the top of the Longji Terraced Field is magnificent in a early morning. You will see the dragon's backbone twisting off into the distance. At this moment, don't forget to take some photos  of this beautiful scenery.

As visitors climb and walk along the mountain paths, each view that opens up is more beautiful than the one before. You will be surprised that there is a minority living here when you are climbing to the top of the Longji Terraced Field. Pingan, a village located at the top of the Longji Terraced Field, is inhabited by the Zhuang Minority which still remains the exquisite Zhuang costume and the ancient simple living customs. The altitude of Pingan Village is up to 1,200 m. (3,937 ft.).

Suspending Building in Longji Terraced Field

Travelers can have sightseeing around the village especially for the suspending building. The buildings, also called Diaojiaolou, are unique dwellings in Longsheng. Generally speaking, the houses are built on the mountains with wood and bamboo. When you are passing the mountain road, they will jump in front of your eyes. Some of them are separated and standing alone, some are built together to form groups. The suspending building can open to travelers. It must be an unforgettable experience for you to live in such local houses.

You can travel to Guilin Longji Terracted Field all year round. The terraces have amazing sights which attracts travelers, photographers and artists in four seasons. In the spring, the Longji Terraced Field looks like silver ribbon while it looks like a green carpet in summer. In the autumn, it looks like golden towers while it looks like dragons playing in water in the winter. Travel to Guilin to see the well-preserved dresses, the folk dancing of the Zhuang people and experience their ethnic songs and living style.

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