6 top travel tips for a trip to Mount Emei


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Located on the western rim of Sichuan basin, Mount Emei is definitely a place not to miss when traveling in Sichuan. Its reath-taking golden summit sunrise, impressive cloud sea, rich Buddhist culture are enough reasons to pack your bags and hit the road for Mount Emei. Here are 6 tips that you should know when planning a trip to Mount Emei.

  • Popular trekking routes
  • Highlights of Mount Emei
  • Best time to visit
  • Get there and getaway
  • Sleeping
  • How to deal with those monkeys

1 - Popular Trekking Route in Mount Emei

Based on how many days you schedule to stay on Mount Emei, there are 3 popular trekking routes you can choose. 

Sichuan Mount Emei Sunrise
Sunrise on the Golden Summit of Mount Emei.

One Day Trek

This trek can tart at the Leidong Ping Bus Station, which can be easily accessed by taking a bus from Baoguo Bus Station at the foot of Mount Emei.

After 1.5 hours' walk you will get to Jinying Palace. Here you will have 2 choices to ascend to the Golden Summit, 1.5 hours' on foot or 10 minutes by cable car. The scenery along the road can be overwhelming. Please keep your camera ready.

As you get to the Golden Summit, I suggest you walk around here for about 1 or 1.5 hours. Then return back to Jinyin Hallin along the same route. 1 hour later you will arrive at Leidongping where you can take a bust to Wannian Bus Station.

Continue your trek by heading to Wannian Temple on foot. Next it will take you about 1.5 hours for you to descend through Bailong Cave and Qingyin Pavilion to the final destination of your one day trek, Wuxiangang Bus Station. 

Please make sure you arrive at Wuxiangang before 6:30 pm, or you will miss the last bus to Baoguo Bus Station. If you have enough time, I encourage you to have an extend exploration to Joking Monkey Zone from Wannian Temple.

Two Days Trek

This trekking route is relatively more difficult but can be also more delightful. Starting at Baoguo Bus Station, first you take a bus to Wannian Bus Station, where you can start 40 minutes walk to the Wannian Temple. Then a long walk to Elephant Pool will take you about 4 to 5 hours.

Clients Hiking in Mount Emei
Clients hiking in Mount Emei.

Spending some time taking a break at the Elephant Pool, you will keep on your journey ascending to the Jiejin Hall, where you can choose to keep walking to the Golden Summit or taking the cable cars. 

This night I recommend you to stay at the Golden Summit, so that you can capture the magnificent sunrise of Mount Emei tomorrow early morning. 

The second day morning, after you admire the sunrise, take a monorail to Wanfu Peak, where you can see the Mount Gongga, Sichuan's highest peak in distance, if the weather is good enough. 

Walk down from the Wanfo Peak to Jieyin hall on foot. Then you have 2 choices. One is returning in the same way, the other is covering Yuxian Temple, Xianfeng Temple, Hongchunpin, Joking monkey zone, Yixiantian, Qingying Pavilion, ending at Wuxiangang Bus Station.(last bus is 6:00).

Three Days Trek

Also start the trek at Baoguo Bus station. First visit Baoguo Temple and Fuhu Monastery. then walk through Leiyin temple, Chunyang palace, Shenshui temple, Qingying pavilion to Hongchunping, if you are quick enough, you can stay at Yuxian Temple at night.

Next day, go on walking through Jiuling Hillock, and the Elephant Bathing Pool to the Golden Summit;
Staying at the top, you can enjoy the sunrise next morning;

The 3rd day, first takes about 7 hours to walk down to Wannian Temple. Then you can walk or take the cable car to the Wannian bus station before 5:30 to catch the last bus back to Baoguo Bus Station.

2 - Highlights of Mount Emei

Mount Emei Golden Summit

Golden Summit: 2 days stay on the mountain will leave you the chance to see the sunrise among the Golden Summit at an altitude of 3,077 m. (10,095 ft.). It is so splendorous that you are considered blessed to see.

Golden Summit Temple is a majestic temple located at the Golden Summit. Covered with glazed tiles and surrounded by white marble balustrades, the temple now is overrun with travelers, pilgrims and monks.

Mount Emei Baoguo Temple

Baoguo Temple: Located at the foot of Mount Emei, Baoguo Temple was first constructed in the 16th century. It features rare plants and a 3.5 m. (11 ft.) high porcelain Buddha that was made in 1415.

With many historical relics in the temple, while visiting the Baoguo Temple, you can appreciate these historical relics at the same time such as famous colorful glaze porcelain Buddha. 

There are display rooms of historical relics, painting and calligraphy, specimen of creature, motor-driven scenery areas with modern equipment detailed introducing the traffic routes when visiting the Mount Emei and so forth.

Mount Emei Qingyin Pavilion

Qingyin Pavilion: This splendid place got its name from the sound effects caused by rapid water coursing around rock formations. It is built on an outcrop in the middle of a fast-flowing stream. The small pavilions are great for appreciating the natural music. 

The pavilion serves as an ideal location for you to appreciate the surrounding valleys and forests in peace and repose. The water splashes in all directions like broken pieces of crystal, pearls, and jade, forming large water drops that fall into the pond below.

Mount Emei Wannian Temple

Wannian Temple: As the most ancient surviving temple on Mount Emei, Wannian Temple is dedicated to the man on the white elephant, the Bodhisattva Puxian, who is the protector of the mountain.

Here you will see a 8.5 m. (28 ft.) high statue of the Bodhisattva Puxian, cast in copper and bronze

Remember to rub the elephant's hind leg, good luck will be cast upon you.

3 - Time to Visit Mount Emei

The best time to visit Mount Emei is in spring and autumn, especially April and October, for these two months are covered with sunny days than other time with most cloudy days. From April to May is also the best time to enjoy the blossom of Azaleas, while October is the best time to appreciate the maple leaves on Emei Mountain.

The coldest season is January here with the average temperature 4.3℃ (40 F) and the lowest -4℃ (25 F). Snowfall generally starts around November on the upper slopes, and snow covers the areas over 2,000 m. (6,562 ft.) for about half year. On the Golden Summit (altitude: 3077 m. - 10,095 ft.), the average temperature of summer is about 11.8℃ (38.7 F) and the highest temperature is 20℃ (68 F).

The average temperature in ℃ and rainfall of Mount Emei in each month: 

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. June. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Temperature (℃) 6.9 8.7 13.3 18 21.6 24.1 26.1 25.7 21.9 17.6 13.1 8.8
Temperature (℃)
(On the Golden Summit)
-6.0 -4.9 -0.7 3.3 6.1 9.0 11.8 11.2 7.8 3.4 -0.9 -3.8
Rainfall (mm) 16 26 53 115 172 223 376 441 216 105 46 17

Average temperature of Mount Emei in F:

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. June. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Temperature (F) 44.4 47.7 55.9 64.4 70.9 75.4 79 78.3 71.4 63.7 55.6 47.8
Temperature (F)
(On the Golden Summit)
21.2 23.2 30.7 3.3 6.1 9.0 11.8 11.2 7.8 3.4 30.4 25.2

Tips of Visiting Mount Emei

  • Best time to see sunrise: 6:00 in Summer, 7:00 in winter
  • Best time to see clouds sea: 9:00-10:00 a.m.; 3:00-4:00 p.m.
  • From January to March, visitors can go skiing in Mount Emei.
  • Take more clothes while climb to the highest peak even in Summer. You can also rent cotton coats on the mountain when to the Golden Summit.
  • Summer is always rainy and the mists may stays around the mountain for a whole day. You’d better take umbrellas of raincoats with you while hiking.
  • The paths on Emei Mountain are always split, so don’t wear slippery shoes.

4 - How to Get to Mount Emei

Mount Emei can be easily accessed from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan by bus. If you are traveling with us, China travel agency, we will offer you a comfortable private car so you don't need to worry about how to find the bus station and other issues which may break your vocation.

Winter in Mount Emei
Winter in Mount Emei.

If you do want to take bus to Mount Emei by bus on your own, Buses from Chengdu Xinnanmen bus station run every 20 minutes to Emei town, the main transport hub which lies 6.5 km. (4 mi.) east of Mount Emei.

There is no direct public bus between Baoguo Temple and Emei Town. You can easily catch a taxi (cost about 20 RMB - 3.5 USD). At Baoguo Temple there are buses can take you to Luodongping, where you can continue walking or taking a cable car to the Golden Summit. The drive normally takes about 2.5 hours and the price (for round-trip ticket) is 90 RMB (15 USD).

5 - Accommodation on Mount Emei

Hotels are everywhere on the road leading to the mountain. You can always find a suitable hotel that can meet your budget. However, many hotels are overpriced especially in the peak season. Traveling with a travel agency will be a good way to save you lots of budget on accommodation.

Traveling with WindhorseTour, we will always offer you the best hotels that can be found in Mount Emei and the most competitive price. 

If you want to stay one night on the Golden Summit to capture the sunrise in the early morning, The Golden Summit Hotel will be a good choice. The price can be more expensive, compared with other hotels. The facilities and service in the hotel are good. Most of the rooms offer you a window to have a splendid view of the Golden Summit.

At the foot of Mount Emei, near Baoguo Temple you can find some budget hotels which will cost you not too much money. Teddy Bear Hotel is one of the most famous choices. It offers spotless rooms, free laundry, left-luggage service and a massage when you make it back down the mountain. The cafe inside the hotel is a great place to unwind and swap tall mountain tales.

6 - Tips of the Monkeys in Mount Emei

Monkeys in Mount Emei
A monkey in Mount Emei.

The monkeys have got it all figured out. They can be everywhere in Mount Emei. Chinese people find the monkeys an integral part of the Emei trip and many like to tease them. 

  • It is suggested to give the monkeys some peanuts or sweets and then hands up and clapping, in order to show you don't have food anymore. Never fool them or trick them as they may act wildly and hurt you.
  • Keep some distance while watching and feeding the monkeys. Never touch them! Hide your pocket and packages as they may be robbed by the monkeys.
  • Walk with a big group if possible. Ask for help if you get attacked by them or protect yourself with some simple weapons like the alpenstock. 

I suggest you print this out and take it with you. I bet it will become handy when you are traveling in Mount Emei. Bon voyage!

Yes! I Want to Travel to Mount Emei!


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We arrive this Friday Sep 15 evening 10pm at chendu.
We leave there Sunday Sep 17 about 5-6pm .
Wee are 1 adult , one elder, one child 10 years.
We want to see 1) leshan Buddha 2) mount emai,
Do we have enough time to do this and be in time for our flight.
Thanks email me a program soon. We want his to be economic so that's why we travel as 3 people.

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Dear Leon,

Thanks for your inquiry! This is Victoria from WindhorseTour responding to your email, and I am very glad to help you with Sichuan tour planning.

Based on your information above, I have drafted out a proposal with quotation and sent it to you by email, please read over the details and kindly let me know your thoughts. With your replies, we can adjust the proposal to meet best your needs.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

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My name is Ambrose and I am from Hong Kong. I found your contact on the website and it mentioned you could provide private tours from Chengdu to Mt Emei.

We are flying from Jiu Zhai Guo to Chengdu on Sept 22. We should arrive at around 9:30am. Then we will fly back to Hong Kong on Sept 23 at 4:20pm.

We would also like to stay at the Golden Summit Hotel.

Do we have time to make an overnight trip to Mt Emei and LeShan?

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Hi Ambrose,

Wonderful to hear from you! We do operate private tour all around Sichuan and China. We can certainly make the trip happened as you requested. I have sent you the detailed tour itinerary with quotation for you review and comment. Please go through the details and kindly let me know for any further question on it.
Have a good day!
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