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If you plan to travel in Sichuan, Ganzi is a must place to visit to enjoy the beautiful and tranquil life in western Sichuan. For most people, “Ganzi” is an unknown name but have you ever heard the famous folk song – Kangding Love Song, if not, try to Google it! This is a popular folk song from Ganzi. Ganzi, the full name is Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which is located in western Sichuan. In Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, there are many classical Sichuan attractions.

With the slow rhythm of the love song, Ganzi welcomes every tourist to come to this fascinating place! Ganzi is an important path connecting Tibet and Sichuan. It is in western Sichuan, east of Tibet, south of Qinghai province and north of Yunnan province and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. The provincial city of Ganzi is Kangding.

Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is in the middle part of Hengduan mountains range which moves from Sichuan Basin to the southeastern part of Qinghai – Tibet Plateau. With an area of more than 1 million sq. km. (602,319 sq.mi.), a total population of 910,000 Ganzi is the first specialized-zone level ethnic autonomous prefecture which was set after the formation of new China. About 77% of the population is made up by Tibetans.

Owing to the fact that it is with special geography conditions and history background, thus forming the magnificent natural landscape, Ganzi is rich in tourism resources. It is a highlight part of western Sichuan. Each year, it attracts tourists from other places to see the beautiful scenery as well as the splendid culture.

Renowned as “The most beautiful place in China”, Ganzi shows itself in its special enchantments. This as one of the Sichuan attractions was selected of “Most Beautiful Places in China” sponsored by the Chinese National Geography, five scenic spots in Ganzi were chosen, such as Danba Tibetan Village, Mt. Minya Konka, Hailuogou Glacier, Daocheng Yading Natural Reserve and the Maoya Grassland.

Ganzi was the top region that was famed with the greatest number of prized scenic spots, with the greatest accessibility and developing ability. As a matter of fact, there is plenty of tourist resources and scenic areas and spots: the five were only a part of them. If you want to know more about its beauty, travel in western Sichuan and you will discover the beauty of Ganzi.

Tourists who want to take a tour in western Sichuan of Ganzi must drink its tea for once. Tea is the most popular Tibetan drink. Many kinds of tea can be prepared such as milk tea, butter tea, marrow tea, yak-oil tea and qingke-flour tea, etc. Qingke (highland barley) liquor is the major genre of liquors. The most distinguished way of drinking is “sipping”. While drinking, people like to sing toasts to add the fun points. Costumes of the Ganzi Tibetans are known as Kangzhuang (a kind of Tibetan Costume). The most special part is wearing gold, silver, pearl and gem ornaments. On the pasturelands, wealth of the Kangba Tibetan families find expression in the head ornaments of the women.

Finally in the end to talk about the Kangding Love Song, which has been sung throughout the whole of China. Kangding Love Song has been a piece song of “Top Ten Folk Songs” that was recommended by UNESCO. The song shows beautiful rhythm, a courageous, pure genuine heart and an honest love story and those are the realities of Kangding. Travel in Sichuan and see this beautiful cultural place called Ganzi.

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